15 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair (WITHOUT You Knowing).

15 Mauvaises Habitudes Qui Abîment Vos Cheveux (SANS Que Vous le Sachiez).

Today, I’m showing you the mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Because, over time, it maydamage your hair.

My friend José, who has been a hairstylist for more than 10 years in Paris.

Here is 15 bad habits that damage your hair every day without you knowing it. Look :

1. You wash your hair too often.

A woman shampooing in the shower

The recommended frequency depends on your hair type and the hardness of the water.

For example, do you have fine hair that tends to get greasy very quickly?

So, it is recommended to wash your hair 3 times a weeki.e. every 2 days.

To find out how often to wash your hair by type, read our guide here.

2. You use too much shampoo

Shampoo in a hand

Did you know that before washing your hair, you must first comb them very thoroughly ?

As for the right amount of shampoo to use, it depends on the length of your hair.

But know that as a general rule, it is better to put too little than too much.

To find the right dosage, the ideal is to start with a small amount, and increase the dose if necessary.

For application, pour the correct dose into 1 hand, then rub your 2 hands together to create a lather.

Then begin to apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair and gently massage the scalp.

3. You scrub your scalp too hard

A person rubbing their scalp

When you scrub your scalp, do it gently and only at your fingertips

And NEVER with the nails!

Continue to gently massage your scalp throughout the wash.

It is also very good for strengthening the hair follicle:

That is to say the root of the hair.

Let the shampoo act for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse it thoroughly, from root to tip.

4. You forget to moisturize and nourish your hair

Blue comb in red hair

Hair naturally tends to dry out…and much more quickly than you might think.

Fortunately, you have 2 very effective tips to remedy this problem and the deeply hydrate :

– moisturizing balms or

– make a hair mask (also called hair mask).

And it goes without saying:

It’s like choosing a shampoo. The same rule applies.

Choose only hair care adapted to your hair type!

If you have frizzy hair, use this mask.

If you have tired hair, use this one.

If you have dry hair, use these.

Generally, balms are used either at the same time as the shampoo or directly after rinsing.

The application is done over the entire length of the hair, always from the root to the tip.

On the other hand, avoid putting it on the scalp.

As for hair masks, experts advise to do them no more than 1 time per week.

5. You are using too hot water

shower water

This is probably the most common mistake people make when shampooing:

They use water much too hot.

Be careful, because it can seriously damage your hair!

Indeed, if it is too hot, the water may discolor it and change its hue.

And in addition, too much heat on the scalp stimulates the production of sebum.

And who says too much sebum, also says greasy hair…

So what is the right temperature to use?

Ideally, the water should be perfectly lukewarm.

It regulates sebum production, eliminates dirt and improves blood circulation.

And the top of the top is to end your showers with a good rinse in cold water.

Why ?

The cold stimulates blood circulation at the root of the hair, to make it smoother and shinier.

6. You rub your hair with a towel

A woman drying her hair with a towel

To dry hair, most people rub it with a towel.

A habit to avoid… because over time, it damages them.

Instead, wring them out with your hands first, to remove excess water.

And after, use your towel… but especially not to rub them.

Instead, mop them up by light touches, very delicately.

And as always, work from roots to ends.

Another tip:

Avoid wrapping your towel around your head, as you risk damaging the hair follicles.

And if you really need to dry your hair in a hurry, use a cotton t-shirt.

It’s much softer than a towel!

7. You comb your hair too often (and too hard)

A wooden comb in a woman's light brown hair

Indeed, too much combing can make them dry and brittle.

And also avoid combing them when going out in the shower.

Indeed, when wet, the hair is too fragile and even more prone to breakage.

Instead, wait until they’re dry.

Start by untangling them carefully with your fingers.

And only then can you start combing!

And this time, from the tips to the roots.

Preferably, use one with wide, blunt-tipped teeth.

8. Avoid hair irons

A woman having her hair straightened

As you would expect, it dries out the hair, making it so drier and more brittle.

Yes, including straighteners, curling irons and even your hair dryer!

You really can’t do without it?

So, at least consider protecting your hair with a heat-protecting product.

9. You’re using the hair dryer the wrong way

Hair dryer and hair brush

It’s like I told you in the previous point:

If you use it the wrong way, your hair dryer could damage your hair.

My hairdresser José gave me these 8 tips for using it correctly :

– Always start by blotting your wet hair with a towel, very gently and with light touches.

– If possible, put the air concentrator on your hair dryer: it is the flat tip in the shape of a beak.

– Start drying your hair from root to tip.

– The tip should always be positioned at an angle to the wicks. This is what helps to smooth the scales of the hair and make them smoother.

– At the very beginning, when your hair is still damp, you can dry it on high heat without any problem.

– But, as they dry, reduce the heat little by little, to avoid damaging the hair fiber.

– By the way, a piece of advice: choose hair dryer models with several heat and air flow settings!

– Finally, reduce the heat to a minimum, and make cold runs to avoid the risk of overheating.

10. You have a zinc deficiency

Foods containing zinc for the hair

If your body is unhealthy, so will your hair.

It’s that simple.

Indeed, a poor diet prevents your body from filling up with good essential vitamins and minerals.

In other words :

If you eat badly, it is simply impossible to have beautiful, strong and shiny hair.

So, be sure to include protein-rich foods in your meals.

Another essential element for the good health of your hair: zinc.

To avoid a deficiency, eat foods like:

Eggs, seafood, kohlrabi, oats, avocado and prunes.

And don’t forget iron and calcium!

You find it in abundance in legumes, fish, poultry, liver, wheat and nuts.

11. You don’t wear a hat in the summer.

A woman wearing a hat

In summer, wear a cap or hat to protect your hair from the sun.

And in winter, a woolen headgear helps protect them from the cold.

There is even a hat specially designed for the sauna, which protects them from heat and steam!

But be careful, whatever type of hat you choose:

Make sure you always take a comfortable model and who doesn’t shake his head too much.

12. You forget to clean your combs and hairbrushes.

A dirty and clean hairbrush

Few people know:

But yes, combs and hairbrushes also deserve a good cleaning from time to time.

According to experts, they should be washed in hot water at least once a week.

It’s even easier if you use a little baking soda + white vinegar.

Also, don’t forget to replace old combs that are at the end of their life.

13. You forget to cut split ends

The ends of a damaged woman's hair

Some say you have to cut them every 2 months…

Others say no more than 2 times a year, otherwise they may not grow properly.

In reality, according to hair experts, they have to be cut when the points fork.

So, stay vigilant!

And if you see that:

– your hair tangles faster than usual or

– that your forks start to become (very) visible…

That means it’s time to go to the hairdresser or, why not, do it yourself?

14. You don’t tie your hair up at night

A woman with blond hair who has a braid

Do you have long or medium length hair?

So, trust my experience, you should try braiding them before you go to bed.

Why ?

If attached, they are less likely to tangle and curl.

And result, in the morning, it’s a lot less wasted time on your hair!

Thus, you easily reduce the time of your morning routine…

15. You don’t use castor oil.

Castor oil for hair

In fact, if your hair is forked and brittle, it’s probably because it’s too dry.

As with skin, your hair also needs to be well hydrated to stay healthy, strong and shiny.

And the magic potion that deeply nourishes and hydrates is castor oil.

Indeed, this 100% natural oil is recognized for:

– fight against the forks,

– stimulate growth and

– give more shine to your hair.

Your turn…

And you, do you know any other tips for stronger, shinier hair? Share them with us by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to read you!

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