Facial mesotherapy, the boost for a sublimated comeback

Facial mesotherapy, the boost for a sublimated comeback


Maison Lutétia: Facial mesotherapy, the boost for a sublimated return to school

Back from vacation, back to school blues, excess vitamin C or just a desire to have fun? We tested the solution to prepare your skin for an immediate return to school, mesotherapy, this new facial treatment offered by one of the editorial staff’s favorite clinics, Maison Lutétia.

It is within a private mansion dating from 1887, erected near the prestigious Plaine Monceau in Paris that the House Lutetia established itself as a flagship institution of aesthetic medicine. One of their strong points are these natural treatments with powerful and sophisticated techniques, such as Facial Mesotherapy. The editorial staff tested it, the result is there. But before revealing the benefits, what is the magic formula?

The principle is simple, inject low doses of active ingredients to nourish, stimulate and revitalize the skin of the face.

It is the experience of a marriage of a technique of demesotherapy and regenerating luminotherapy from which results the Mesolift LED. First, a moisturizing solution combining hyaluronic acid and a multivitamin complex (itself composed of ascorbic acid, retinol, thiamine, pyridoxine, and tocopherol, so many vitamins ensuring healthy and lively skin). Then follows a phototherapy session, the aim of which is to reproduce the effects of the sun without its potential dangers in order to stimulate the fibroblasts and thus increase the production of collagen. An ambitious cocktail that promises rebalanced, luminous and above all healthy skin. But not only.

After a recommended series of 4 sessions over 4 weeks, the benefits of MésoLift LED are numerous and above all complete, with results from the first treatment: hydration, oxygenation, firming of the skin, revitalization of the skin tissues and above all this immediate effect. much sought after radiance. The treatment has the ability to adapt to your skin type but also to your age and thus meet very specific objectives. In the case of young skin, the treatment helps regulate sebum production and thus reduce potential acne. For weakened skin, the treatment will tend to revitalize the skin and thus preserve its youthfulness. Regarding mature skin, the service will offer you an anti-aging effect that corrects the effects of time. In addition, the treatment is fast, no more than 45 minutes are to be counted, thus allowing you to potentially place a treatment between two meetings! Gentle and non-invasive, the treatment does not prevent side effects, even if an application of make-up after the session is not recommended in order to promote the complete expression of your post-treatment skin!

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Photos: MesoLift LED, Source: maisonlutetia.com

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