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plim incontinence pad

It is quite innocent to think that only the rules can disrupt the daily life of women. Leaking urine is also a source of stress and discomfort. Finally, because with PliM’s washable incontinence pad, women have the freedom to spend their day dry without any risk. Focus on this high-performance product.

No incontinence is not a shame. More than one in three women have urinary leakage. So it is high time to lift the taboo that weighs on it. PliM contributes to this by offering a washable incontinence pad healthy and absorbent. Called the Classic DELUXE, it allows you to spend the day dry, whether you are stuck in transport, gone on a getaway or there is simply no toilet nearby. No more stress of having to calculate the number of hours we have left before the leaks become too important. This protection keeps you dry from morning to night!

The DELUXE, the ecological and healthy alternative

The washable incontinence towel is already an ultra healthy production. Designed in organic cotton, it takes care of both your body and the planet. PliM thus offers protection with a eco-friendly material quality. Dyeing, fabrics, all parts in contact with the skin benefit from soft and comfortable organic cotton. Don’t worry, the mucous membranes are thus protected. No risk of finding toxic residues that can migrate into the body. Allergies, irritations and itching do not exist with this incontinence pad.

An anti-leak and anti-odor incontinence pad

plim incontinence pad
Credit: Plim

The strength of the DELUXE is its impermeability foolproof. The different membranes that make it up capture leaks in turn to bring them to the last ultra-absorbent membrane. Created from a high quality technical material, it captures all the flows to ensure you a dry day. Flannel, with its fluffy texture, is therefore ideal for trapping losses quickly, effectively and durably. Beyond the absorbent fabric, the elastic edges of this protection also ensure an anti-leakage role. They will indeed follow the movements of the body and prevent the liquid from spreading elsewhere than on the membranes. No more leaks, so you’ll stay dry all day.

But contrary to what one might think, absorbent can rhyme with breathable. This formula removes moisture from urine and thus prevents maceration of liquids. Result: unlike conventional protection, the PliM incontinence towel is anti-odor. Fungal infections are just a distant memory. Ventilation and breathability take precedence here. Whether you are prone to profuse and anal urinary leakage or moderate incontinence, this PliM is made for you! And since comfort does not outweigh style but complements it, the DELUXE is fashionable and cozy.

Design and comfort protection

The 100% French production, from design to manufacture, PliM protection, gives it a typically hexagonal chic. She imagines herself in the workshop specializing in lingerie of the brand, located in Poitou-Charentes. The assurance of a quality artisanal production with an ultra-desirable aesthetic. Proof of this is that the lifespan of the DELUXE is on average 5 years. In order not to wear it out too quickly, it is advisable to buy 5 to 15 models to maximize their usage time. An investment of course, but one that really pays off over time.

This incontinence towel also benefits from a polished design. The washable incontinence pad of grandmothers is a long way off. Here the protections have style! Contrary to what one might think, they are very thin. In no case will you have the impression of wearing a diaper as the cliché suggests. With this solution, women are free to move and dress as they see fit.

You also have the possibility to choose between different colors. The most classic will opt for the timeless black and white. But those who dare will go for red, purple and pale pink. And the white topstitching adds just the right amount of style. Comfort does not take precedence over aesthetics. The protection is also really easy to put on. How ? Thanks to pressure straps. These cling under the classic underwear. There is therefore no risk of losing your washable incontinence pad along the way.

Fight against incontinence

red DELUXE towel
Credit: Plim

There are different techniques to prevent incontinence or reduce its effects. The secret lies in the perineal bodybuilding. It is he who will allow you to never know these big inconveniences or not to aggravate them. Contracting and toning the perineum will prevent the descent of organs responsible for urinary loss problems. Your organs might even go back up if you do the work early enough. One of the best allies of this daily sport is undoubtedly the geisha balls. Many exercises can indeed be performed with these ultra-effective accessories. As you can see, incontinence is not inevitable!

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