Florent Pagny comes out of silence to take stock of his health

Florent Pagny comes out of silence to take stock of his health

Florent Pagny came out of silence to give news of his state of health. Through Kendji Girac, he was reassuring about the evolution of his health. He now lives in Portugal, where he rests and takes care of his body.

In January 2022, Florent Pagny posted a video in which he revealed that he had lung cancer. He always kept his smile, and having decided not to give up, he started chemotherapy treatment.

His state of health has concerned many people: fans and his artist friends.

Shortly before the final of ¨The Voice¨ (won by his talent, Nour), the singer had granted an interview to the magazine Gala.

He is doing much better. We invite you to discover his new life in Portugal, and the reasons that led him to settle there.

Florent Pagny’s fight against cancer

The announcement of his cancer has upset more than one person. When he spoke about it in January 2022, no one knew how Florent Pagny would react. Fortunately, the singer did not give up, he was reassuring by indicating that he intended to follow the appropriate treatment.

He had appeared with a bald head, arousing the emotion of internet users. Thing promised, thing due: Florent Pagny has actually started several chemotherapy treatments.

In a video posted in May 2022, he said this:

“The protocol worked rather well since from the two immunotherapy chemos my tumor as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut (…) So I’m going to finish ‘The Voice’, I’m going to finish the chemo, then I’ll go strengthen, fill me up”.

It’s interesting to wonder how he reacted when he found out he had this cancer. In May 2022, he gave an interview to Nikos Aliagas in which he related how things went:

¨It was last January 7, at 1 p.m. (…) I was coughing so much that I wanted to know what I had before restarting the end of my tour, scheduled for January 25. I thought I had bronchitis that would resolve with antibiotics. Finally, I discover that day that I have a tumor¨,

he confided.

Disoriented, the singer still had to know if his tumor was operable or not. The wait was not easy to manage, and he had an exemplary reaction:

¨I tried not to ask myself too many questions, because the answers can destroy you (…) It was necessary to reason. So I stayed in a kind of vagueness where you feel things, but nothing definitive”.

Unfortunately, his tumor is inoperable. However, he kept his spirits high and he was right to do so. Driven by the love of his wife, his two children, his friends and the public, Florent Pagny was never alone.

He left France to take care of his body

For several months, Florent Pagny has not made any sign of life, and this was likely to worry the fans. Fortunately, the news is reassuring. After long weeks of treatment, the singer is doing much better.

The effects of the chemo have worn off and he’s gained weight, but there’s no way to get carried away.

The interpreter of ¨My freedom to think¨ is not ready to go back on stage anytime soon. He needs to rest and recharge, which is why he moved to Portugal.

Like many celebrities like Eric Cantona, Christian Louboutin or Monica Bellucci, Florent Pagny fell in love with Portugal. He owns a house there in Comporta, in the heart of the pine forest, very close to heavenly beaches.

Several reasons motivated him to leave France, and one of them concerns the tax conditions and he does not hide it. According to the confessions of Florent Pagny, Portugal would offer better tax advantages to foreigners compared to what he had to pay in taxes in France.

The singer also mentioned other reasons such as the climate, the quality of life in Portugal and better purchasing power (life in Portugal would be 34% lower than in France). He also spoke of the hospitality and the spirit of conviviality of the Portuguese, as well as the magnificent landscapes of this country.

All these reasons count for Florent Pagny, but one of them really weighed the scales: tax reasons.

The singer has always proclaimed loud and clear that he pays his taxes in France, but he is not insensitive to the many tax advantages offered by Portugal: no tax on inheritance and succession, even less on wealth. Artists are not required to pay royalties taxes for a period of 10 years.

He gives an update on his health for the first time in a long time

Aware that many people are worried about him, Florent Pagny gave reassuring news. On August 31, 2022, Nagui received Kendji Girac on ¨France Inter¨. The latter joined his friend Pagny by phone call live from the show. The emblematic coach of ¨The Voice¨ gave reassuring news:

“Everything is fine, I’m just in control. I continue to look good, and I’m cutting the road. I’m coming from Portugal and I’m going to Argentina”,

he said.

Many artists like Kendji Girac, Amel Bent, Matt Pokora, Liane Foly, Carla Bruni, Laeticia Hallyday or even Patrick Bruel show him their love and support on a daily basis. Can’t wait for Florent Pagny to regain his full health and return to the stage.

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