Foreo chooses the metaverse to present its new Luna cleansing brush

Foreo chooses the metaverse to present its new Luna cleansing brush

(ETX Daily Up) – New playground for fashion and cosmetics brands, web 3.0 has not finished surprising us. Don’t wait any longer to discover the new collections of your favorite brands in stores, it’s in the metaverse that it’s happening. Foreo is presenting its new range of Luna cleansing brushes there today, in the form of NFT, while waiting for its physical version at the end of September.

Imagine a world where you could test out skincare, cleansing brushes, and other beauty products on your virtual avatars before physically checking out. Well, this parallel universe is no longer so far away. Brands, all sectors combined, follow one another to experiment with what seems to be the infinite possibilities of the metaverse. This involves immersive campaigns in these new universes, the opening of virtual pop-up stores, the launch of digital clothing or beauty products, and of course previews that no longer take place in the real world, but virtual.

This is what the Foreo brand, known for its intelligent cleansing brushes, has chosen to present its new Luna range in the metaverse, more than two weeks before its physical release. A rather crazy concept, some will say, but which should, if not become the norm, gradually become more democratic in the coming months. Not content with raising desire around the product, it also allows you to reveal its many advantages and specificities even before having to communicate in a more traditional way around the launch. And, why not, to raise funds for a good cause.

It is in the form of NFT that Foreo today unveils the latest models of its iconic Luna range. Men and women can therefore already discover the digital versions of their future beauty essentials, to buy, use, and even exchange, before appropriating the physical versions whose launch is planned at Galeries Lafayette at the end of September. These collector’s items of a new kind are five in number, each depicting “a latest product of the brand”. Each NFT is available in 50 copies, making a total of 250 NFTs offered in limited edition for this great first. Foreo specifies that the sale of this collection of non-fungible tokens, which will be enriched with an NFT intended for auction, will benefit several associations working for mental health and against skin diseases.

“Brands have the opportunity and the responsibility to change the way products get into the hands of consumers, and this is absolutely essential for the beauty industry which is often accused of promoting unrealistic standards and affecting the mental health of individuals in our society. Foreo seeks to put people back at the center of its business by building a more united and trust-based community. With Luna’s NFTs, we use digital means to extend the link between beauty , health and technology (…)”, underlines Evan Lai, general manager of Foreo Western Europe.

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