Here are the 5 trendiest hair colors for fall 2022, according to a hairstylist

Here are the 5 trendiest hair colors for fall 2022, according to a hairstylist

What hair color to adopt to be trendy this fall 2022? From gourmet caramel to coppery red to bronde, the fashionable colors will be numerous and varied, to the delight of women who like to change their hair look. We asked Gianni Coppa, founding hairdresser of the R’Factory salon in Paris*, to decipher those that will be more particularly present in the hair.

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The return of dark hair and bronde

Little brother of the shaded hair, the shaded hair offers a faded color gradient, from darker to lighter. The subtlety that distinguishes it from its predecessor? It starts higher (without reaching the roots). “It’s a monochrome effect on dark bases that highlights hair nuances”, says Gianni Coppa. A trend in the vein of bronde – contraction of brunette and blonde -, already adopted by Jessica Parker last summer.

Those who have less than 50% white hair can opt for a patina or a gloss, which will be enough to avoid the root effect. Beyond that, it will be necessary to move towards a real coloring.

On the maintenance side, we adopt a routine for colored hair, in order to prevent the highlights from fading.

Dark hair, for whom?

  • All skin tones, from the darkest to the lightest.
  • The Dark Bases
  • Long, mid-length, or square hair. “Dark hair is an effect that is not very suitable for short hair, on which the play of shades and colors will be much less distinguishable”, teaches the hairdresser.

chocolate brown

Intense and generous, the chocolate brown brings welcome gourmet nuances during the fall. “It gives a modern, dynamic side to bleached hair after the summer, says Gianni Coppa. You can even wear it on a very dark brown, because it allows you to blend the tones with nuances”.

This coloring is ideal for the first white hair, because it shades the whole and will avoid the root effect. To maintain it, repigmenting masks will be used.

Chocolate brown hair, for whom?

  • The skin tones tanned to matte. Fair skinned people should avoid it, as chocolate brown tends to lighten the complexion slightly.

  • All natural color bases.

Copper ultra shine, a coppery red with an ultra-shiny effect

Red will also be a very trendy color this fall-winter 2022-2023, especially in its Copper ultra shine version (literally, a very shiny copper). According to the Parisian hairdresser, “this flamboyant and intense color with orange reflections brings a touch of glamor to the hair”.

This year, Elodie Frégé and Julia Roberts succumbed to it. Be careful, however, this coloring requires regular maintenance in the salon, at the risk of turning towards unflattering tones.

Copper red hair, for whom?

  • Copper red hair is especially flattering on very fair skin tones with light eyes. “It’s a warm shade ideal for blue and green eyes, says Gianni Coppa. It warms up the complexion.
  • Medium to light bases: this will avoid the root effect, which is too present on a darker base.

The ultra contrast

Diametrically opposed to dark hair, which offers a subtle color gradient, ultra-contrasting plays on variations in sharp shades. In concrete terms, this effect can take the form of one or two locks that stand out clearly from the rest of the hair (ranging from light brown to platinum blond).

“They are positioned as an accessory that can be camouflaged when looking for a wiser look”. A hair care routine for sensitized and weakened hair will protect it.

Ultra-contrasted hair, for whom?

  • All skin tones
  • All the colours. Depending on the shade, the ultra contrast can also be customized with temporary coloring from gray to pastel to maroon shades.

Gourmet caramel

The gourmet caramel illuminates the face and gives a radiant complexion – especially on tanned skin. It can be achieved simply via a patina back from vacation or sweeping. To maintain it, we apply pigmented treatments that restore its nuance.

Gourmet caramel hair, for whom?

  • All skin tones, even the palest.
  • Gourmet caramel is especially flattering in hair that’s been balayaged, especially if it’s been lightened during the summer.

* Salon R’Factory, 3, rue des Favorites, 75015 Paris.

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