Here is the mistake that everyone makes with their face in the shower, it is necessary to stop urgently!


As soon as you wake up or at the end of the day, one of the greatest pleasures of beauty routines is to be pampered by a hot shower. Thus, it is not only a question of hygiene, because often the shower is the place where all the fatigue collected during the day disappears. This is when the routine of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are fundamental steps to follow like a diktat.

But if taking care of your body and your hair is all that is most normal, in the shower it is better to avoid performing a facial treatment. Indeed, in terms of facial hygiene, many dermatologists recommend avoiding washing your face in the shower. Facial skin is thin and sensitive and easily damaged. Thus, you must handle it with care and caution. Washing your face seems like a simple task, but not everyone does it right. Explanations.

The morning routine

Here are some tips to prevent the skin of the face from suffering and drying out due to long periods spent under hot water.

If you think that putting your face under a hot waterfall is giving yourself a beauty moment, you are wrong!

Indeed, in the shower, we generally use hot water. But, if it does not present any major inconvenience for the skin on the body, on the face, its effects can be negative for the skin barrier. .

By using suitable hygiene products and by having the face exposed to the jet of water, there is no danger that this step could harm the well-being of the skin. But you need to be careful ! Indeed, for example, if the temperature of the water is too high, there is a risk of depriving the skin of hydration, making it dry and tight, especially during cold days.

Watch out for sagging skin!

Daily washing with hot water leads to vasodilation, stagnation of blood in the skin, which in turn can cause reddening of the skin of the nose and cheeks. In addition, hot water helps relax the superficial muscles of the skin, which causes sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Hot water not only removes dirt, but at the same time expands the pores, thereby reducing the resistance of the skin. Therefore, for any type of skin, it is worth washing your face with warm water once a week in the evening, at most, after which you should definitely rinse it with warm water.

The skin of the face is very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Hot water, with prolonged use causes persistent expansion of the superficial vessels of the skin and weakens their walls. And this can also lead to a loss of elasticity of the skin and contributes to its premature aging. If you don’t want to face such problems, refuse to wash with water

And in terms of hygiene, hot water or lukewarm water will have the same result!

Also, special precautions should be taken by people with skin hypersensitivity. Cosmetologists claim that with sensitive skin, washing with hot water can lead to the appearance of acne, pimples and spider veins.

The high water temperature may also exacerbate many skin conditionsfrom rosacea to atopic dermatitis.

No washing in the shower, no inconvenience!

In order to avoid all these inconveniences, to have good facial hygiene, here is what to do. Prefer cleaning with barely lukewarm or barely cold water in front of your sink so you won’t be tempted by the jet of hot water in the shower. One thing is certain: it is essential to take the time to wash a face well and all the more reason when applying makeup. Simple makeup remover is not enough. So wash your face carefully, rinse thoroughly and above all dry your face well.

Also, it is better to avoid normal soaps (like those we use for the hands) which have a too alkaline pH which damages our hydrolipidic film. Indeed, this risks damaging the natural barrier that protects the skin from the external environment, making it dry and irritating it with excessive desquamation.

Expert advice is to use a cleanser that contains a small amount of surfactants, but a lot of moisturizing substances. It is necessary to use a product with moisturizing and cleansing properties that make the skin perfectly clean, respecting its pH.

For the fairer sex, you will understand, as practical as it may seem, removing makeup in the shower can do more harm than good to the health of your skin. So it’s best to keep your face away from the shower head and use your sink!

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