How to take care of your skin at the start of the school year?

How to take care of your skin at the start of the school year?

What happens to my skin during the summer?

Tanning is a protective response of the skin to external aggression. This then produces melanin to protect itself. She will also thicken, again to better fight against the harmful effects of solar radiation. In fact, it appears more beautiful, cleared of many impurities and pimples, which are actually only temporarily hidden.

How does the skin react in the fall?

It is at the beginning of the school year that the “rebound” effect can appear. Far from the sun, the skin will thin out. Previously partially clogged poreswhich did not allow good evacuation of sebum and bacteria, reveal blackheads and pimples. These effects are often accompanied by a dull complexion, the aftermath of the multiple aggressions of summer (sun, heat, lack of hydration, etc.).

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How to guard against it?

To avoid these inconveniences, it is advisable to help the skin to renew itself and to get rid of dead cellss. At the same time, bet on hydration. This allows the skin to maintain its balance and restore the hydrolipidic film that protects it on the surface. To have a luminous complexion, do not hesitate to use vitamin C products that help promote a luminous complexion.

Grain scrubs or peeling? To help the skin get rid of these dead cells and imperfections, there are several methods. It is advisable toavoid grain exfoliators. Too aggressive, they can lead to microlesions. The peeling has a softer effect, to be used once a week at most, respecting the exposure time of the product.

How to fade brown spots?

The sun has another negative effect on the skin: it contributes to damaging skin cells causing brown spots, linked to oxidation of the skin, and premature aging. To combat these effects, bet on specific assets. Retinol and Vitamin C help fight wrinkles, firm the skin and, for the first, limit the appearance of spots. Note, however, that the best solution is to use sun protection upstream. UVA and UVB, the main causes of these changes, are indeed also linked to the appearance of skin cancers, such as melanomas.

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Getting back to good habits

In general, the appearance of the skin remains closely linked to our lifestyle. Take advantage of the start of the school year to resume good habits: drink enough – hydration of the face also involves that of the body-, sleep well and eat foods rich in antioxidants which protect against skin aging.

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