Lyons. Morgane has launched a unique beauty center: fat, cellulite, is her method effective?

Morgane Lucchini est à la tête du centre d

Morgane Lucchini is the head of the Cool Fit beauty center, located in Lyon 2nd.
Morgane Lucchini is the head of the Cool Fit beauty center, located in Lyon 2nd. (© news Lyon / AD)

Looking for a miracle method to get rid of your little or big complex? Morgane Lucchini may have a solution for you.

Five years ago, she opened Cool Fit, a beauty center unlike any other, located at 15 rue d’Enghien, in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon.

Good in body and mind

Here, we wage war on fat and cellulite, but not only. The goal is to feel good in your body… and in your mind.

From the first session, Morgane and her team seek to “deal with the cause before the consequence”. Love handles, cellulite, swelling: “Everyone tends to feel guilty, but it’s not necessarily just fat,” warns the manager.

“To understand the situation of each person, all aspects are taken into account: history, blockages, emotional charge. We are carrying out a real investigation to target what is at the origin of the complex, ”she explains.

Fed up with miracle formulas

For Morgane Lucchini, fed up with centers that sell everything and anything to customers. This is why she prefers a “science-based” approach, a characteristic that is close to her heart.

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“We hear a lot about so-called miraculous techniques, and then the clients end up disappointed. Here, we are committed to not letting anyone leave without visible results, ”she says.

And the 29-year-old young manager takes her job very seriously: “I have always felt a deep need to help people”. So she graduated in osteopathy and aesthetics. She has since developed a disconcerting expertise in her field.

A massage at -10 degrees

At the house of Lyon news, we wanted to test the new methods of Morgane Lucchini. So, one of our journalists opted for an arm cryomassage, the center’s “bestseller”.

The method is used to kill bulges, slackening, or even cellulite. How it works ? Thanks to a machine, the Cool Fit team performs a massage at -10 degrees, a temperature at which fat cells cannot resist and self-destruct.

At the start of the treatment, Morgane Lucchini applied a kind of ointment to the journalist’s arms. Made with several products, it is used to protect the skin from the cold and to help with drainage.

1 to 5 cm less

Then, Morgane alternated between hand massages and passages at -10 degrees with the machine on her arms. The journalist noted that the treatment is completely painless, the sensation is similar to that of an ice cube passed over the skin.

In the Cool Fit center in Lyon 2nd, several innovative methods make it possible to eliminate fat and cellulite.
In the Cool Fit center in Lyon 2nd, several innovative methods make it possible to eliminate fat and cellulite. (©CoolFit)

At the end of the session, thanks to measurements taken around the arms, the journalist was able to observe the loss of nearly 1.5 centimeters of fat mass. This method can be used all over the body.

Other proposed methods

In addition to cryomassage, the center offers the Slimwave, another machine that helps sculpt the body: “like cryomassage but more intense and associated with chromotherapy”.

Against cellulite, Deepsculpt, “particularly recommended in case of soft skin, aqueous cellulite, water retention or fibrosis”.

Another best-seller from the center: the Renata drainage, a manual treatment with pressure, pumping and toning maneuvers. The objective: to reduce water retention and activate blood circulation to refine the body.

Cool Fit also offers maderotherapy against cellulite, chromo stimulation to sculpt and tone, anti-stress massages or even facial treatments against acne, wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots or dark circles.

Maid as politician

In terms of prices, the discovery session with initial assessment and maderotherapy is €70, count €80 for a discovery session in cryomassage.

Sessions that are open to everyone: “Here, we receive both men and women, with all types of silhouettes, we help someone who is overweight as much as someone who lacks it,” explains Morgane Lucchini.

Affordable prices that attract all types of public: “I have housekeepers like politicians or nurses,” says the manager. His oldest client would be 87 years old, so there is no age to test the “magic of the cold”.

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