Shopping: The best organic hair dyes

Shopping: The best organic hair dyes

Want to give intensity to your hair, to hide White hair ? The coloring box is a ready-made solution. Problem, synthetic chemical hair dyes can contain oxidizing hair dyes, metallic salts, ammonia or ethanolamine… Substances that can irritate the scalp, cause eczema in sensitive people, or even further devitalize the hair fiber. Certified organic vegetable colorings are an alternative. Unlike synthetic chemical permanent colors, they do not penetrate the hair fiber, but coat it. Thus, they respect the structure of the hair and do not modify it. Better, by sheathing the hair fiber like a varnish, they form a barrier protective and add volume to the hair.

The vegetable colorings are made from powders of plants that the consumer mixes with water before applying this paste to his hair. In these colorations, we often use tinctorial plants such as henna, chamomile or turmeric and Ayurvedic plants such as hibiscus, for example. Vegetable coloring supposes respecting the water-powder dosages in order to obtain a paste that is easy to apply and to leave it on for the necessary time. It is suitable for all hair types (straight, curly, frizzy, blond, brown, etc.), for women as well as for men.

Here are some brands of organic hair dyes to turn to.

Joan’s colors

This young French brand was born in 2020 with the ambition to address to all through natural products, with reduced exposure time and offering good coverage of white hair. With Les couleurs de Jeanne, exit preservatives, added fragrances, synthetic dyes, picramic acid (hair dye), metallic salts, paraphenylenediamine (PPD, an allergenic dye). These vegetable colorings are made up only of plants and the entire range is COSMOS certified. Whether you opt for a blonde, copper or hazelnut color, at least 80% of the ingredients are from organic farming. Four different shades are offered for each of the ranges, i.e. 12 shades in total. Depending on the desired color, the pause time varies from 30 min to 1h30.

Coloring Jeanne’s colors, €11.14 per box, whatever color you choose.


Labeled Cosmebio, certified Ecocert, vegan and concerned about the well-being of animals, the products developed by Biocoiff’ are a guarantee of quality. No need to look for which powders to choose, on the French brand’s website we offer you a color diagnosis so that the biocolorists can prepare a tailor-made formula. You will then receive a personalized box with everything you need to color your hair at your home. The color start box (for new customers) thus contains a bottle of preparatory shampoo, an application comb, your personalized color, a dose of conditioner, a charlotte, a tube of clay mask and the protocol of application.

Start color box (1st time) from Biocoif’: €65

color earth

The Terre de Couleur laboratory offers various natural plant colors certified by Ecocert. The products act as coloring and hair care, because they deeply nourish the hair. The plants are imported whole then analyzed and selected in France. Depending on the shades chosen, the powders can cover up to 100% white hair. The plant mixes are presented in recyclable cardboard pots and closed with a biosourced and compostable lid.

Vegetable coloring Colored earth, €14.20 for a 100 g jar.


Radico is an Indian family business founded in 1992 and specialized in natural hair dyes. It is therefore from the country of Ayurvedic plants that these dyes are designed. Recently, the brand has been distributed in France by the Odysud laboratory, based in the South-West of France, and it is therefore possible to obtain their products. Radico Ayurvedic powders are 100% plant-based, vegan, and are certified Cosmos organic by Ecocert. Radico hair colors are available in 17 shades and are inspired by Indian beauty recipes. Their mixture takes shape among 12 tinctorial and caring plants selected and harvested in an artisanal way. These colorings make it possible both to cover white hair, to intensify the color and to take care of the hair.

Radico vegetable coloring, €12.95 for a 100 g sachet.


The German brand Khadi develops 100% organic vegetable colorings natural and vegan. The guarantee of applying products without synthetic dyes, perfumes or preservatives. A panel of sixteen shades is available to you, from cold pure indigo black to golden blond and coppery light brown. The exposure time varies according to the desired shade. Before colouring, if you are used to using silicone-based products, the brand offers you a detox mask. If your hair is light, gray or white, a pre-treatment is also suggested.

Khadi vegetable coloring, €13.90 for a box of 100 g.


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