The 10 rules to follow to take care of your shaved or bald head


Your shaved head deserves better. It does not matter whether it is by choice or because you have given up on the inevitable loss of your hair: the absence of hair does not exempt you from care, quite the contrary. It just changes the rules. Should I continue to use shampoo? Which sunscreen to choose? QG answers all your questions.

(For more on the steps to shaving your head properly, here are tips from an expert).

1. If you intend to regain hair one day, be doubly careful

If you’re bald and can’t help it, ignore this first tip. However, if you still have potential hairs on your scalp, take good care of it and pay attention to the advice that follows in this article. Poor maintenance – whether it’s too much sun exposure or a poor lifestyle – can have an irreversible impact on the health (and existence) of your future hair in the long term. You can let them grow from time to time to ensure that they are still dense. The last thing you want is to decide to regrow them and find that you don’t have them anymore.

2. Tell yourself that your scalp is now an extension of your face and that it hydrates just as much

Your scalp needs to be hydrated. You should therefore apply your skincare routine to your entire head (neck and skull included). But be careful, no need to overdo it: if you had oily hair in the past, do not hydrate the surface too much. You risk smothering your pores, causing excessive sweating and, in fact, breakouts or shine. Use a special moisturizer for shaved or bald heads, or a moisturizer for the face.

3. Regularly clean your skull

Your skull should be kept clean. If you opt for a shampoo, choose one that is particularly moisturizing. If you choose a cleanser, make sure it is for the skin of the face and not for the body. For this reason, we recommend formulas containing salicylic acid: they help regulate sebum levels and prevent excess shine over the long term. (And they also exfoliate the skin!)

4. Sun protection is a must

Without hair or shaved, your skull is particularly exposed to the sun, and sunburns there are of the worst kind, believe us (think of the effects of a peeling skull). Use appropriate sun protection, intended for the face and not for the rest of the body.

5. Consider buying a mirror

Unless you have someone to help you, a suitable mirror can be very useful if you have to shave the back of your head. A word of advice: don’t do it yourself without a mirror, just trusting your instincts, even if you’re used to it. It is often missed.

6. Get an ergonomic razor

While we admire men who shave their heads with a regular razor, we highly recommend getting a model that pivots and maneuvers to the contours of your head. Better yet, consider getting a razor specifically designed for the head that fits in the palm of your hand. Shaving has never been so pleasant, and your scalp will never have been so smooth.

7. Buy yourself an electric razor, even if you don’t think you need one

Maintaining a shaved head can be difficult and taxing, especially if you plan to maintain a perfect head every day of the week. That’s why we recommend that you also get an electric razor, or an electric ergonomic razor. You may not even need a mirror in this case. Another strong point: an electric razor has the advantage of not damaging the surface of your skin and thus avoiding nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and irritations of all kinds. Yes, you may need to use it daily (since it doesn’t cut as close as a regular razor), but the process is much simpler and faster. With an electric razor, it takes a minute instead of ten to fifteen minutes.

8. Remember to regularly exfoliate your skin

A scalp scrub not only feels good, but it also keeps your scalp smooth and prevents breakouts. It eliminates dead skin cells, reduces the clogging of pores, the risk of skin infections and the formation of dandruff. You can opt for a chemical scrub or cleanse your skin daily with an exfoliating product.

9. Fight excess shine

We advise you to always have one or two anti-shine products on hand, such as a mattifying gel (which can be worn under a moisturizer) or a mattifying moisturizer. You can also get mattifying papers, as well as wet wipes, ideal when it’s hot.

10. Use an anti-dandruff product at least once a month

Even if you don’t get dandruff often, it can be a good idea to prevent it from appearing, especially since it’s especially noticeable on bald heads. Normally you’ll avoid them if you exfoliate your skin regularly, but you can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo once in a while (eg once a month, if you rarely have dandruff) to neutralize them completely. In this case, opt for a pharmacy shampoo. Take one that contains ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione (this active ingredient also helps fight dermatitis).

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