This Man Didn’t Wash For 67 Years, Here’s What He Looks Like Today!


If more and more the hygiene debate rages on whether one shower a day is too much or not, this man hasn’t washed for 67 years. He is Iranian and made this crazy decision years ago. It was the British newspaper the Daily Mail which carried out the investigation to find out what and how this Iranian is going. with an exceptional way of life. We’ll explaine everything here.

An 80-year-old Hermit

This Iranian therefore has one of the world records. Indeed, as he approaches 80, he himself said that the last shower he took was when he was still 20 years old. Of course, he explained this choice. And surprisingly enough, he thinks that taking a shower or even washing, promotes disease. Which may seem quite ironic from a European point of view like ours. But yet, that’s what pushed this man to stop taking a shower.

This man is thus called Amou Haji, he is Iranian and is approaching 80 years old. He chose a Hermit way of life. This means that he lives outside of society and its rules. He lives around a village called Dejgah in Iran. Of course, it is well known to the locals who have thus begun to make assumptions as to the reason that pushes her to take up this lifestyle. Some think he’s just afraid of water. Others assume that this man lived love trauma who would have pushed him to drop everything like this. But beyond his hygiene, he also has a way of life of his own. Indeed, his way of eating is special.

This man does not live like all

Indeed, this man feeds only on carrion. His favorite dish would even be the decaying porcupine. To dehydrate himself, he chooses to drink from a puddle. And moreover, Amou Haji totally refuses the help of the villagers. Because some, out of charity, bring him dishes or even water, but he makes him angry. The only thing he likes about society seems to be his pipein which he smokes dry camel droppingsbut also cigarettes that smoke not one by one but several at the same time.

Also, for sleeping, of course, he doesn’t have a bed. He actually dug a hole in the sand which he considers his resting place. But the locals built just for this man a hut to protect him when there is bad weather. And even if he doesn’t shower, he takes care of his appearance in his own way. Indeed, he takes care of shortening hair and beard with fire from time to time. The Daily Mail said that this man chose this lifestyle after a trauma in love. He now prefers to live alone.

His health

This man thus having no hygiene and of course no care, one could think that he is at risk of many diseases. And yet, he seems to be in perfect health. What feed his idea that it is the showers would make you sick. The only illness doctors could find on him was trichinosis, which was caused by eating raw meat. And due to lack of hygiene, his immune system seems much stronger.

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