We tell you all about THE favorite hair mask of hair stylists for regenerated hair without having to cut it!

We tell you all about THE favorite hair mask of hair stylists for regenerated hair without having to cut it!

His nickname? The Tokio Inkarami treatment. His little extra thing? It revitalizes, strengthens and coats our rebellious hair. His must? 1h30 of care to be pampered and a hair mask that integrates deeply for 8 weeks and no more scissors!

It’s the brand new favorite hair protocol for beauty professionals and to which we gladly indulge for a simply stunning result. After swimming galore and long sunbathing, the hair is generally dry and dehydrated. It ends up in a worn state which leads it to break and split much more easily. And unfortunately, we all know the fate that awaits us: yes miserable scissors, it’s you we’re talking about!

But whose fault is it? To our wicked excesses… While it is recommended not to immerse your head in sea water or chlorine and not to expose your head to the sun at the risk of wearing out your hair fiber, we only do it at our head. But let’s face it, hard to resist the sea which almost stretches out its arms to us and to hide from the sun, which promises us a most sensual tan…

Fortunately, our hair experts have found THE solution for us to give a second youth to our hair sensitized by the summer.

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How, where, how much, for whom? We tell you everything!

Count between 100 and 180€ depending on your hair length for this treatment. Let it be said, it’s not the most accessible of treatments, but when you think of all the cuts you avoid, it’s well worth breaking the bank to extend your beach-girl mane à la come back right?

Perform this treatment with the advice of a salon expert! He will be most likely to be frank with you: will the tokio treatment save you or do you have to cut them despite the treatment because they are too damaged? He will give you the verdict because obviously there is no miracle treatment. The more you pay attention to your hair, the more the treatment will have concrete effects. It is not the door open to all our excesses of the summer capillary speaking, no, no, no!

He speaks to the heads sensitized, highlighted, colored and straightened in priority. But more generally, it is a real remedy for all those who have weakened and almost split hair and who want to keep their mermaid length at all costs.

The Tokio treatment is the perfect marriage of 8 kinds of keratinsof the amino acids and plant extracts which have regenerating and repairing properties for the hair fibre. It is carried out according to codified stages:

  • After a first shampoo, apply Tokio 1 which brings all the agents into the fiber.
  • Then apply Tokio 2 based on amino acids and keratin to repair and nourish dry hair.
  • Then we apply a product that disciplines and smooths the hair (yes, yes you read that right, you will have hair worthy of a diva!!).
  • Then we go to the 2nd shampoo and rinse.
  • We finish with the Tokio 4 concentrated in fatty acids and ceramides. The goal ? A strong hair. Then we rinse.
  • And finally, we perfect with a revitalizing oil that attacks split ends.


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