3 benefits of night care

3 benefits of night care

Thorough make-up removal

If there’s one time of year when skin cleansing shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s summer. “Sun creams are increasingly resistant and adhere to the skin, because they are designed not to be diluted in the sea and offer greater persistence on the epidermis, therefore better protection”, notes Véronique Broutin, director of development and innovation at Embryolisse. As a result, if you want to clear your skin after exposure, you shouldn’t settle for a light cotton ball of cleansing water. “I recommend milk, which also has the advantage of respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin barrier”, she continues. It is an “oil in water” emulsion, therefore a texture that eliminates the fat from the filters, while being perfectly in affinity with the skin. The right technique? Massage the milk on the face, with your fingertips, then rinse with lukewarm water or in the shower. You can even make two passes if you have the feeling of having clogged skin.

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Intensive rehydration

Whether it’s exposure to the sun or swimming in salt or chlorinated water, summer activities tend to dry out the skin. “We don’t always realize it, but the skin’s needs are almost equivalent in summer and winter. Environmental factors are different, but they alter the skin and dry it out in the same way. It is therefore essential to maintain a real skincare routine during the summer period., explains Véronique Broutin. The heat helping, we do not particularly want to spread creamy cream. This does not mean that you should not put anything on your skin. “It’s true that we don’t feel the same symptoms, but, in reality, we need just as much hydration and to rebuild the skin barrier, which is a natural protection against attacks. To adapt to the season, you have to choose light formulas », says the specialist. We put on fresh jellies, evanescent fluids, even aerial mists in the case of combination to oily skin, which can be applied in the evening, or even during the day if necessary. These epidermis tolerate heavy creams less well, but they still need to be hydrated.

“It is also interesting to apply a mask, whose occlusive texture promotes the penetration of a large quantity of active ingredients. When they contain a high percentage of water, these treatments deliver a welcome feeling of freshness to skin overheated by the sun.”, she adds. We thus offer ourselves a mask break two or three times a week, for ten to thirty minutes, depending on the formulas (respect the exposure time in the instructions). They can even be applied as a night care, in a thinner layer, in order to infuse the skin with “water-trapping” molecules that repair the skin barrier.

A reinforced repair

Under the sun, the skin undergoes intense attacks. As no sunscreen is 100% against UV rays, even applying it seriously, they still manage to cause oxidative stress which produces destructive free radicals, even in the deep layers. “With UV exposure, aging accelerates further. It is useful to intervene in the evening on cellular damage, because it is at night that the skin regenerates », underlines Véronique Broutin. In particular, you can opt for a vitamin C serum, a multiactive molecule that fights against free radical attacks, promotes collagen synthesis and acts as a complement on dark spots. “It may also be interesting to use a microexfoliating night care (5.5% Glycolic Acid Night Cream, GlycoA Peeling Soft, Isispharma; “Baby Skin” Radiance Night Mask, Skin Vitality, Mavala) which works with gentle to stimulate cell renewal. Regularly eliminating excess dead cells on the surface also contributes to obtaining a radiant and lasting tan. In addition, it limits the return of imperfections at the start of the school year »she notes.

You can bet on products with mild fruit acids, dosed without excess and combined with natural oils that strengthen the skin barrier. To be used every other evening for a week, on the condition, however, that you imperatively apply an SPF 50 the next day to avoid the risk of sensitizing your skin. And after sun? They often make things easier with their adapted textures. We choose formulas that are moisturizing, soothing and rich in antioxidant active ingredients to obtain a complete beautiful skin action.

Beautiful hair when you wake up

Provided you don’t choose a formula that’s too oily (or sleep with a cap on, which isn’t very comfortable, especially in this season…), the night is the best time for hair care. The assets have all the time to penetrate and act. But the real bonus is, after application, to massage the scalp with the fingertips, in concentric movements, and moving the skin with the flat of the hand in back and forth movements. . By activating the microcirculation, it promotes growth and relieves tension in the skull, the promise of a very restful night.

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