Acne: this treatment uses the virtues of water vapor to sublimate and cleanse the skin in 10 minutes flat

Acne: this treatment uses the virtues of water vapor to sublimate and cleanse the skin in 10 minutes flat

There are a multitude of ways to take care of your skin. Have you ever thought of a steam bath, or facial sauna, to eliminate impurities and bring radiance to your complexion?

This new beauty ritual will seduce you. Head to the bathroom to test the steam bath, also called facial sauna. What is it about ? The principle is the same as a sauna in a beauty salon, except that the treatment is centered on your face. Thanks to this techniquesay goodbye to the impurities that clutter and dull the radiance of your skin. To accompany this beauty ritual, the Païma brand has developed a range of steam baths. Composed of a mixture of dried organic plants with antiseptic, purifying and healing propertiesthese treatments treat all skin types.

How to make a steam bath for the face?

Achieve a facial sauna at home is easy and accessible to everyone. Just pour boiling water into a bowl. Then, add a teaspoon of the steam bath of your choice depending on your skin problem. Don’t forget to cover your head with a cloth! For 5 to 10 minutes, enjoy the vapors of this beauty infusion. The best time to perform this operation is before applying a face mask. to dilate the pores and allow better penetration of active ingredients into the skin. The process is to be repeated 1 to 2 times a month to have a truly healthy glow.

How to fight against imperfections?

the must facial steam bath is that it purifies the skin and dilates the pores. Thereby, anti-blemish care penetrate better into the epidermis and the effects are increased tenfold. Another advantage is that blackheads and toxins are more easily eliminated. Païma combines several plants for an optimal result:

– lavender for its anti-inflammatory benefits

– rosemary for its antiseptic action

– verbena for its calming and healing aspect

– sweet orange for its toning properties

– lemon for its purifying power

– thyme for its ease in unclogging pores

How to fight against shiny skin?

The advantage of this treatment on the face is that it regulates sebum. Again, several plants are recommended to regain healthier skin. We note the sweet mint which tightens the pores or even the Yarrow which acts as a skin rebalancing.

Reboost the youthfulness of the skin thanks to the facial sauna

The facial sauna is also recommended for mature skin. Indeed, it decongests the skin, hydrates and revitalizes it. It acts on the relaxation of facial muscles to reduce wrinkles. In the composition proposed by Païma, we note the presence of rose to bring elasticity to the skin through an anti-wrinkle and firming action. And blackcurrant, which acts as a fabric softener. A perfect combo to regain rejuvenated skin in the blink of an eye! Which steam bath will make you happy? Nothing prevents you from testing several according to your needs!

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