Adele displays her natural beauty on Instagram and conquers her fans!

Adele affiche sa beauté naturelle sur Instagram et conquit ses fans !

Singer Adele cracks her fans with a natural photo of her posted on social networks! We tell you more.

The fans under the spell! Adele cracks her community with a photo of her natural. MCE TV gives you more details.

Adele, a reward at the Emmy Awards

Singer Adele has been talking a lot about her since this weekend. And for good reason, the 34-year-old artist has just received an Emmy Award for her special concert Adele: One Night Only.

The evening dates back to November 14, 2021. The CBS channel created the event with the broadcast of the Adele: One Night Only concert. The young artist had given a remarkable performance.

Later, she confided that it was the first time that her son attended one of her concerts. What add more pressure on his shoulders!

Adele’s show was also marked by an adorable marriage proposal! In short, everything was there to make give the fans a memorable evening.

Very proud of her new prize, the young mother therefore shared a photo with her trophy on social networks. Adele has also chosen to pose without make-up next to her golden statuette.

Damn I’m like a fish to water! Thank you @mrbenwinston for dropping off this trophy this afternoon! Trust me to officially have an EGO, thank you very much @televisionacad I am so honored to receive this. Many thanks to everyone involved…. big hugs to all the other nominees. » can we then read in the caption of his post.

The singer’s fans therefore did not fail to congratulate her on her new award. But it is above all the fact that it is natural which made them react the most.

” Natural beauty “

Many Adele fans have been showing their support for her on social media. The photo of the young singer garnered over 2 million likes! Just that !

Yes Yes Yes !!! So proud of you and how far you’ve come for all your accomplishments, you’re truly an inspiration.” writes a fan. But in the comments, the fans especially appreciated the fact that she is natural.

You are magnificently beautiful without make-up”, “Divine”, “Tyou are beautiful all natural” can we read below his post. Moreover, it is not Adele’s first time making a splash with its natural beauty.

Followed by more than 50 million subscribers, the young artist is not afraid to show herself without makeup. Recently, she had already made the buzz with a 100% photo for his birthday.

Adele wore a stunning black dress by Carolina Herrera. This model with puffed sleeves and sequin ornaments suited her perfectly.

On the beauty side, she therefore opted for a zero make-up look. Enough to show off her gorgeous smile and natural complexion.

Again, fans were quick to compliment her in the comments. ” How attractive you are without makeup. » then writes a fan. ” A Queen”, “Magnificent” can we also read.

The young artist is also used to remarks on her physique. Whether they are good or bad, it does not affect him. She remains “body positive” as she recalls in an interview with Oprah.

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