Anti-ageing: Vitamin C, the star active ingredient for beautiful, smooth and healthy-looking skin

Anti-ageing: Vitamin C, the star active ingredient for beautiful, smooth and healthy-looking skin

Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties that fight cell aging. It contributes to the good health of your skin, which is why it is the essential active ingredient for the new school year.

This vitamin is THE anti-aging nugget par excellence. Although it is present in the oranges you eat, vitamin C also interfered in composition of beauty products. It has even become essential to have a radiant complexion. Why ? It has both lightening and antioxidant action. Vitamin C helps prevent aging, reduce wrinklesdark circles, spots… It is also known for its anti-fatigue action. Its daily use can give a boost to all skins.

What are the effects of vitamin C on the skin?

With vitamin C products, the texture of the skin is smooth and the complexion brighter. Indeed, care products concentrated in vitamin C promise hydrated skin with this much sought-after ‘youthful’ effect. The star active ingredient stimulates the production of collagen, responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Results ? Vitamin C has a real effect on firming the skin.

Another positive aspect of this vitamin, it decreases the production of melanin responsible for spots on the skin. Goodbye brown spots, hello complexion homogeneity. Redness, wrinkles and grainy texture of the skin are just a bad memory. Even the scalp is entitled to its dose of vitamin C rich in antioxidants to help fight oxidative stress, stimulate the roots and therefore strengthen the vitality of the hair. You have to remember an equation: vitamin C = good looks and healthy skin.

Who can use vitamin C?

Its radiance booster action is great for all skin types. His result is amazing on dull skin exposed to pollution, cigarettes, lack of sleep… If you are concerned, the use of vitamin C is strongly recommended to improve the appearance of the epidermis. Dehydrated skin with wrinkles can also adopt it in their skincare routine. Vitamin C is suitable for all skin types looking for more radiance.

How to use vitamin C in your beauty routine?

Many brands are using the powers of vitamin C in their skincare range. Thanks to its different properties – reduces wrinkles, hydrates, plumps, illuminates… -, vitamin C has become a cosmetic star. Choose the product that meets your expectations, and integrate it into your beauty routine as soon as possible. Favor the application of the care concentrated in vitamin C in the morning to awaken the radiance of the complexion, and in the evening, treat the skin with a formula based on vitamin C softer. And why not combine it with retinol for a shocking anti-aging combo. Note thatUsed with additional sunscreen, vitamin C provides optimal protection against the visible signs of skin ageing.

Anti-aging: which vitamin C products to get quickly?

To have a radiant complexion or a healthy scalp, here are our 5 favorite products based on vitamin C.

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