Back to school: The 3 beauty trends we’ll see everywhere

Back to school: The 3 beauty trends we'll see everywhere

What are the major beauty trends for the fall of 2022?

1. Doe eyes

Can a simple line of eyeliner and mascara in the right place be enough to transform a look? According to the photo of make-up artist Arianna Guillen: yes. On the right, mermaid eyes, on the left doe eyes (or “doe eyes”), THE new make-up trend for the new season. Instead of trying to stretch the look, we rather want to round it off while giving it depth.

To achieve this make-up, start your line of eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye and draw a line thick enough to stretch the line upwards rather than horizontally. Then draw a second line from the inner corner of the eye to the first at the outer corner. We always keep a certain thickness, but without falling into the “smoky eye” side. To finish, we apply a blush to bronze at the level of the lower eyelash, as well as in the upper hollow of the eye. A swipe of mascara and you’re done!

2. Monochrome makeup

@stxph.h #ad love a sparkly #APRICOTJELLY monochromatic look for spring 🧡 @maccosmetics #sponsored #MACCOSMETICS #MACTHEARTOFCOLOR #MACTREND #fypシ #monochromaticlook #makeupinspo #monochromaticmakeup ♬ original sound – stephhui

If we particularly like this trend, it is because it is accessible to everyone. Its principle is simple as hello, you just have to affix a single and same color on the face, but not just anywhere, on strategic places: eyes, cheekbones, lips… As for shades, we opt for pink ( Barbiecore style) or autumnal colors such as apricot, terracotta, bronze or even peach. The important thing is to find the color that blends the most with our skin tone, to stay in harmony with your skin texture and above all, natural. To go even further, we also mix textures for an even more refined look.

3. Marinated makeup

@shaaynemarie Reply to @theoceanatyourdoor this is def an old makeup trick but it’s very fun to declare it as ~marination~ #concealerhack #makeuphack #voguebeautysecrets #nomakeupmakeup #hot ♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

It is one of the big TikTok trends which already has more than 50 million views. If she knows such a success, it is because she goes completely against the current of the dominant trend which would like a so-called “effortless” make-up in reality ultra worked and especially long-lasting. Conversely, marinated makeup plays the card of nonchalance, even disorder. Based on the principle that make-up often looks better at the end of the day because it has had time to “live” on the skin, this new original fashion proposes letting your make-up “marinate”. Results ? A little nightclub throwback, but with the kohl flowing just right and the lipstick fading slightly like you’ve bitten your lip. You get the picture ?


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