Dry feet in the post-summer period? Here are the best expert treatments to include in your beauty routine

Dry feet in the post-summer period?  Here are the best expert treatments to include in your beauty routine

How to take care of your dry feet when you return from vacation?

As well as the lips, the feet are often forgotten in the summer. Roughly abused by hot sand, repeated swimming in the sea, pool chlorine, UV rays, barefoot walking, hiking through forests and long nights dancing, this part of the body is one of the of the first to dry up rapidly. Indeed, the epidermis of this area is particularly fragile because it produces little sebum (a phenomenon that increases all the more with age). As a result, faced with successive irritations, the skin tends to thicken or even crack and peel when returning from vacation.

To deal with it, there is no need to rush to your pumice stone, which, if used too often, can attack the skin. On the contrary, the only watchword to regain suppleness and comfort is hydration. After a scrub (limited to once a week – and with a gentle composition – to eliminate all impurities and dead cells) and a foot bath which will dilate the pores, it is recommended to massage them with the help of a moisturizing cream, in order to do good to his skin as well as to his spirit.

12 recommended treatments to rehydrate your dry feet after the summer:

Clarins youth foot cream

This is the ultimate treatment for pampering weakened feet. Its formula based on arnica extract, shea butter and cashew nut oil soothes in an instant tiredness and brings an effect of lightness. Its ultimate good point: it also contains myrrh which beautifies, as a bonus, the nails.

Clarins – Youth Foot Cream


Clarins via Sephora.fr

Caudalie Vinotherapist™ cream

From the Vinotherapist range of the French house which repair the skin gently, this cream enriched with grapeseed oil, shea butter and red vine extract relieves feelings of tightness and softens roughness. Its texture being particularly rich, it is preferable to apply it in the evening before going to bed.

Caudalie – Vinotherapist™ Cream

16 €

Caudalie via DeBijenkorf.fr

Susanne Kaufmann’s cream for dry feet

Did you spend the summer holidays chaining hikes? Here is the care to slip into your toiletry bag. Ideal for tired feet, this super-hydrating cream incorporates ingredients from the (organic) harvests of the Austrian house in the heart of the Alpine reef. It contains rosemary, thyme, sage and saffron extracts to soothe sore skin and reactivate circulation. A bestseller.

Susanne Kaufmann – Foot cream

52 €

Susanne Kaufmann via Net-a-porter.com

Xerial 50 Extreme cream from SVR Laboratory

Multi-purposethis cream designed especially for very dry feet contains a high concentration of salicylic acid, and can therefore be used on other areas prone to dry skin, like the hands and elbows.

SVR Laboratory – Xerial 50 Extreme Cream


SVR via Marionnaud.fr

Rituals The Ritual of Jing Balm

No wonder this balm is regularly out of stock: not only do its key ingredients – sacred wood and lavender – work together to make the skin of the feet softer and more supple, but their benefits are not overpowering. don’t stop there. Indeed, their properties would also contain virtues to calm the mind and improve sleep quality… To be applied, therefore, before going to bed.

Rituals – Balm The Ritual of Jing

27,07 €

Rituals via Amazon.com

Cicabiafine dry foot cream

Comforting to perfection, this rich cream prevents calluses and soothes dry skin thanks to its formula enriched with bisabolol and allantoin with regenerating properties. All at a low price.

Cicabiafine – Anti-crack dry foot cream

7 €

Cicabiafine via Nocibe.fr

Via Domini balm from the Couvent des Minimes

The secret of this creamy balm? An ancestral recipe that includes only good ingredients, including 15% shea butter and extracts of 8 plants with nourishing benefits (to name a few: sunflower, borage, ivy). That is, in all, 98% of ingredients fromnatural origin.

The convent of the Minimes – Baume Via Domini


The convent of the Minimes via Marionnaud.fr

Dr. Barbara Sturm x Aquazzura foot spray

Refreshing and particularly hydrating, this spray (which can also be applied to the legs) is recommended for those who like to dance until the end of the night perched on high heels. Designed exclusively as part of the collaboration between the care house and the Italian shoe brand, this spray is infused with invigorating witch hazel, soothing plankton extract and hydrating hyaluronic acid. The care that should not leave the bathroom party girls.

Dr. Barbara Sturm x Aquazzura – foot spray

60 €

Dr. Barbara Sturm via Farfetch.com

Margaret Dabbs Pure Replenishing Foot Oil

Its very light and non-greasy formula is the synergy of calendula oil, hemp oil and jojoba oil which work together to repair cracked feet and grant, in passing, a welcome massage after a long working day. The icing on the cake ? Its sparkling fragrance that blends notes of bergamot and petit grain.

Margaret Dabbs London – Pure Replenishing Foot Oil

22 €

Margaret Dabbs London via Net-a-porter.com

Sothy’s Hand and Feet Enhancing Scrub

Designed to care for the most sensitive extremities of the body (i.e. the feet and hands ), this gentle scrub awakens all the senses thanks to its texture enriched with grains of sugar and its refreshing scent of orange blossom and cedar wood.

Sothy’s – Enhancing hand & foot scrub

Baïja purifying cream

Extracts of rosemary with purifying properties, gingko biloba, an antioxidant particularly indicated to soothe the problems of heavy legsfucus with anti-inflammatory properties and nourishing shea butter: this is the unstoppable cocktail of this cream to find very soft skin on your feet.

Baïja – Aromatic Foot Cream


Baija via My-Origines.com

The Patchology Poshpeel Mask

A mask for dehydrated feet to leave on for an hour in the evening to exfoliate and deeply moisturize the epidermis and, ultimately, regain very soft skin.

Patchology – Poshpeel Mask

14 €

Patchology via Sephora.fr

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