Getting off to a good start Steelrising: the French Revolution in a few tips

Getting off to a good start Steelrising: the French Revolution in a few tips

Are you embarking on the Souls-like genre for the first time or are you a connoisseur who wishes to find some useful information before embarking on the French Revolution? Well, know that you are welcome in this guide which lists several tips that may be useful for your debut in Steelrising. This is not a complete tutorial, but many more tips and some loose information that may shed some light.

What to do to get started

Below, you can find various information in bulk. They can be useful to start your game on the right foot.

  • Choose a class that suits you to get your game off to a good start. We would tend to offer beginners the Alchemist class, which thanks to the infusion of its weapons, will allow you to freeze your opponents,
  • However, if you have a preference for fast blowswe advise you the dancer who will give you a fan could act as a shield,
  • For longer distance gameplaywe advise you to take the soldier class which will equip you with a halberd capable of firing a rifle,
  • Then finally, if you have a preference for heavy blows, but which annihilate your opponentsthe bodyguard class will be much more interesting,
  • Set up your quick item bar ; you can configure it as many times as you want with the objects of your choice (grenade of all kinds, granite pavement, etc.). You can directly modify it from your Inventory menu,

  • Configure Support Mode, if you wish to have a difficulty that is adjusted to your level. Steelrising allows players, especially beginners, to manage the difficulty by adjusting the damage suffered and the power of the blows you can inflict. If you are a veteran, we advise you not to activate it, Steelrising will not have the same flavor,
  • Don’t Underestimate Pomegranatesthey inflict heavy damage and can be very useful in times of panic,
  • We advise you to allocate your first stat points according to the characteristics of your weapons. For example, if your weapon is tier A in Agility, it will be better for you to spend your points in Agility to benefit from a better synergy with your weapon,
  • If you are not very comfortable with melee combat, we advise you touse the Charville Égide 1789 Rifle which will allow you to freeze your opponents to attack them without them being able to retaliate. You’ll get it soon enough in the game,
  • Many will be spirit essences that you will collect during your adventure. Sell ​​them to the Vestal to recover manes (your souls allowing you to improve your weapons or your statistics points),
  • Destroy any barrels or other wooden crates in your path. There are many objects hidden there and it would be a shame to miss a vial of care or even a spirit essence,

Basics of combat

Steelrising has a fairly complete gameplay that must be taken in hand to take advantage of all the power of Aegis. Below, you can find many of our tips to better understand the automaton that you will embody.

  • As you hit an opponent, a diamond that will be placed in the middle of his body will gradually rise. Once the diamond is filled, your opponent will be immobilized, which will allow you to land a critical hit. For this bar to rise more quickly, we advise you to increase theAgility,
  • If you want stagger your opponent so that he can’t hit you during a combo, you just have to improve your Powerful,
  • Not all weapons allow you to counter-attack, in fact, it is a special skill that is available on only a few weapons. Also note that the same goes for the shield, so before you throw yourself headlong into an opponent, check the special skill of your weapon,

  • Elemental damage will help you inflict penalties on your opponents once the gauge is full (which is at the top of their life bar); the fire will inflict a burn, the freeze will freeze your opponent, lightning will electrocute your enemy inflicting much more damage on the next hits,
  • By remaining in the vein of the elements, the automatons of fire will be much more resistant to burning, the automatons of ice to freezing and those of lightning to electrocution,
  • Pay close attention to your stamina; Aegis will overheat and not be able to dodge or attack once the bar is depleted. You’ll be able to cool it down using instant cool (Y or △ depending on your controller), but your freeze ailment bar will fill up. After two consecutive coolings, you will be totally frozen, at the mercy of your opponents, so be careful. However, boxes (kinds of amulets) will help you to limit the glaciation of Aegis,

The tools: to be used without moderation

During your adventure in Paris, you will be able to meet various people and in particular Titans who will from time to time give you tools for your exploration; these objects are three in number. Keep in mind that despite being useful for reaching balconies or breaking walls, they are mostly effective against your opponents, especially if you have chosen not to enjoy elemental damage on your weapons. Below is a brief explanation of the effects of the tools.

  • momentum : by dashing towards your opponent, you will be able to inflict damage of ice. After several hits, you’ll be able to completely freeze your opponent, giving you the perfect opening to land a charged special move,
  • Harp : the grappling hook will allow you to inflict damage of lightning from a distance. On opponents sensitive to this element, you will be able to keep a certain distance and enjoy a certain security,
  • Ram : the ram, meanwhile, will propel you towards the target opponent while dealing damage of fire. If you have an ice opponent in front of you, after several hits you can inflict a burn penalty on him that will eat away at his life points for the duration of the burn,

During our first game, we didn’t play freeze weapons and the Momentum dash was effective in freezing enemy automatons. However, beware, as using these tools consumes elemental ammo. However, you can still buy some from the Vestale or find some in Paris.


The compass: a major ally

The compass may at first seem like far too powerful a tool for exploration. Indeed, by using it far too often, you will be totally dependent on it and your immersion will be reduced to zero. However, the compass can be used in a very different way: avoiding quest areas to explore areas that we might have forgotten.

Indeed, the compass will show you the course to take to go to the main quest (represented by a flag), the secondary quests (represented by a noble head in a white wig) or your carriage. If you have any doubts about completing an area, simply go against what the compass tells you, so you don’t have to worry about coming across a cutscene that will postpone the visit to the different areas.


Secondary quests: a wealth of information

Steelrising offers a number of side quests; know that they are important to collect new objects or to learn more about the history of the game. Therefore, follow them so that you do not miss a crumb of the history of the mysterious automaton Aegis.

Also note that for platinum, you will be required to complete these famous quests, because some successes are linked to their completion. Note, however, that side quests can force you to make choices; the end of the story has very little impact, in the sense that the end will always be the same. However, the achievements may change depending on your decisions.


Patience: an essential asset

There will be many times when you will not be able to complete side quests and there are countless passable walls that you will not be able to break during your exploration. However, know that everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait. As you progress in your adventure, you will collect the coveted tools. You will then return to areas you have already visited, but these are full of secrets and places that have yet to be explored.

Also keep in mind that the game will invite you to come back to these places on its own, provided you follow the side quests, so skip these inaccessible areas, you will set foot there a little later.

Some advice for our completist friends

  • In order to platinum Steelrising, you will have to lend yourself to a complicated task from the beginning of your adventure: not to use the cruets. If you consume even a cruet, your trophy will be compromised. If you want to end this penalty quickly, start your first game with this penalty, so as not to regret the cruets later,
  • The Engineering stat will give you a much better chance of dropping items when defeating one of your opponents. In this way, you will be able to collect a lot more vials of ordinary oil, which as a reminder will be your only possible care for the trophy without cruets,
  • If you do not want to do a second part to platinum Steelrising, tell yourself that it is simply impossible with the system of choices in certain secondary quests which implies successes depending on the side you take,

The French Revolution is underway in Paris, but not quite as you were told during your lessons at school… Steelrising appropriates a piece of the history of Paris and propels us into the shoes of Aegis, an automaton in the service of the queen, for a Souls-like adventure!

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