How to eliminate blackheads on the nose?

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Do you have blackheads on your nose? Tips, tricks, home care and effective treatments, learn how to eliminate blackheads to display clear and tightened pores.

Although they are generally less conspicuous than large red pimples, black spots are some of the most dreaded blemishes you can have on your face. Even if we tend to believe it, these are not impurities found only on oily and prone skin. acne. These so-called “open” blackheads affect all skin types, whether combination or even dry!

Why ? Quite simply because blackheads result from the accumulation of sebum in skin pores, and its oxidation in contact with air. This is why these unsightly blackheads most often appear on the face, and more specifically on the nose, forehead and chin. In other words, mainly on the T zone whose skin is richer in sebaceous glands and therefore produces more sebum.

Why do I have blackheads on my nose?

We were starting to explain it to you just now, it has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene, unless perhaps you don’t clean your face every night. This kind of comedo is, in reality, due to a overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The latter then lodges in the pores of the skin and mixes with the dead cells and other impurities present on the face (which are deposited there when the pores are dilated). Once in contact with the air, the sebum turns black. In some people, the whole T-zone is not affected by blackheads, but the imperfections are concentrated on the nose.

If you have a lot of blackheads overnight, be aware that sometimes the use of comedogenic care be the source of the problem. But other factors regulate the production of this natural oil which remains beneficial to the skin because it is moisturizing and protective: this is the case with hormonal problems or taking certain medications. Finally, a excessive hygiene (exfoliation too irritating or applied too often, aggressive facial cleansing) can also dry out the skin and cause it to produce excess sebum to protect itself.

Why remove blackheads?

To display a refined skin texture, clearer skin, and prevent these from degenerating into inflammatory pimples. If you allow sebum to clog your pores, they will eventually expand and this will be visible to the naked eye. The result will not be pretty. This is why it is better to act as soon as they appear by applying a treatment or changing your daily beauty routine.

There are several ways to get rid of blackheads on your nose, but here are the most effective:

  • Make a scrub : it is an underestimated treatment in the beauty ritual which, when carried out regularly, nevertheless makes it possible to remove dead cells and unclog pores. Always do it by making small circular movements so that it is effective and manages to dislodge each comedone.
  • Use anti-blackhead patches : easy to use, these are rather effective solutions to remove a lot of it at once. Just put the patch on your nose and leave it on for a few minutes so that the care that soaks it has time to act and soften the sebum plugs. After, gently peel off the patch starting from the edges, and the blackheads should stick to it.

3 really effective anti-blackhead patches

How to remove blackheads on nose naturally?

  • Baking soda as a scrub : Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with the juice of half a lemon. You then get a thick paste. Apply it to your nose and let it act for a quarter of an hour before rinsing with cold water.
  • A purifying clay mask : the essential weekly mask – and which you may forget – is nevertheless a major ally in your fight against the appearance of blackheads. The best is that it is a clay mask, an ultra-effective trick to purify the skin. Apply the mask paste to your skin and simply leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off with clean water.
  • Make a patch with egg white : prepare several small pieces of handkerchief, so that they have a shape adapted to your nose. Apply a little egg white on your skin and cover everything with a piece of tissue, before putting egg white on top. Allow to dry well until the patch has hardened. Remove then rinse.

Is it good to remove blackheads?

Yes, provided you use products and treatments that will not damage your skin by sensitizing it. Often, people who have blackheads on their face adopt a beauty routine specially designed for acne-prone skin. However, having a blackhead from time to time is not always synonymous with acne. It is important that the products you use do not dry out your skin unnecessarily, otherwise you risk the rebound effect with increased sebum production.

How to remove deep blackheads?

It happens that the solutions and tricks that work (such as patches, a purifying mask or a scrub) do not work on certain blackheads because they are more encrusted than others. In this case, you have to trade your products for even more effective treatments.

If you only have a deep blackhead here and there, the blackhead extractor is an option. But it will then be necessary to combine it with a steam bath made with a little hot water for about fifteen minutes to open the pores of your skin as much as possible beforehand. You can also take advantage of the heat given off by the hot water you have run in your bathroom when showering or bathing to dilate your pores before extraction.

If you have a lot of deep blackheads, entrust your face to a qualified dermatologist who can carry out a deep cleansing of the skin rather than excessively exfoliating your skin at home with treatments that will end up aggravating the problem. The dermatologist can perform a light peeling instead of exfoliation, which will be much more effective in opening the pores of your skin and facilitating the extraction of each deep blackhead, which will generally be done manually afterwards.

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