Lanta: this naturopath offers workshops to better connect with your body

Isabelle Calvet dans son cabinet de naturopathie installé à son domicile de Lanta.

Isabelle Calvet in her naturopathic practice located at her home in Lanta.
Isabelle Calvet in her naturopathic practice located at her home in Lanta. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of the South Lauragais)

“We all have our little tricks in life. What I like is to pass on to others those that help me in my daily life. » Originally from Montauban and arrived in the Lauragais a year and a half ago to join his companion there, Isabelle Calvet settled in last spring as naturopath in Lanta.

A town in which the 30-year-old has also chosen to invest during this return to school. Within the Youth club, it offers at different frequencies group courses or workshops around welfare and personal development energy.

From aesthetics to naturopathy

After having worked in a beauty salon at the start of her professional career, Isabelle Calvet then chose to head to the parapharmacy. “I was a bit fed up with this relationship to beauty. What I liked was above all the treatments and cosmetic products, the fact of taking care of yourself and your body,” she explains.

In parapharmacy, I notably started to discover essential oils and the benefits of certain natural products for health, for the skin… It was then that I decided to follow a training course and settle down as a naturopath. .

Isabelle CalvetNaturopath based in Lanta

Trained at the Euronature school in Toulouse

In 2020, the Lantanaise therefore decides to join the approved school Euronature, in Toulouse, for training. And it is finally in April 2022 that she opens her practice, fitted out at her home.

Naturopathy can help some people to free themselves from various and varied problems: digestion, sleep, acne… It can also relieve people who follow heavy treatments. It is a practice that complements allopathic medicine and not in opposition. Some cancer services are already working with naturopaths. And this is something that should be developed even more.

Isabelle Calvet

The naturopath also offers her patients to work on thelifestyle through diet, physical activity and sleep or even on a better management of emotions. “We seek through energy a better connection to our body. Like any therapist, I bring my own paw by relying on what I learn over the course of my practice and what helps me more personally on a daily basis. There is a consideration of being as a whole, body and mind,” she explains.

Collective workshops at the Youth Center

Beyond her work in the firm, Isabelle Calvet has therefore also approached the Maison des jeunes to lead collective workshops or courses. A process she explains:

I also need to be part of a group dynamic. I therefore proposed these courses and workshops around personal energy development, with practices in small groups of eight to ten people that allow you to find a connection to your body. I am curious about everything and therefore I test a lot of things. When I like it and find it of interest, I tell myself that it is possible to retransmit it by offering it in the form of a workshop.

Every Thursday, Isabelle Calvet offers sessions of intuitive dancea practice that “to release emotions through spontaneous choreography”. She will also lead themed workshops once a month around the chakraof the bodily connectionof the sound journeys but also the discovery of shamanic drum.

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