Long hair: how to protect them in summer?

Long hair: how to protect them in summer?

Long hair remains beautiful and shiny on one condition: that the hair fiber is well hydrated and nourished. But in summer, with the sun, swimming at sea or in the pool, this essential element is undermined. In effect, the harmful effects of UV rays combined with those of salt water, chlorine or very frequent washing dehydrate the hair. Results ? The lengths are weakened, they become dry and brittle. At the start of the school year, you have to suffer the “straw” effect or cut the hair that has taken so long to grow!

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, protection and maintenance are absolutely essential. Olivier Lebrun, studio hairdresser at the head of the salon Olab Parisgives us his best tips for maintaining his long hair in summer.

Brush your hair 2 to 3 times a day

“The first instinct is to go to the beach with your hair well brushed. This allows the sebum to be distributed over the hair (remember that it protects, hydrates and naturally nourishes the hair fiber, editor’s note) but also to be able to tie it well and protect them from the sun”, guarantees Olivier Lebrun. “Then once in the afternoon and once in the evening, they are brushed again to remove the dust, sand and salt that have clinged to the hair during the day.”

The right move? Start with the tips then go up little by little to the roots, with the softest brushstrokes possible so as not to damage the hair.

Wet your hair before entering the water

It’s a little known and yet very useful trick: “Hair has the ability to absorb up to 70% of its weight in water”, explains the professional. “If you wet your hair with fresh water just before swimming, there is no room for salt or chlorinated water to penetrate.“This protects against the drying and stripping effects of salt and chlorine, two great enemies of the hair in summer.

Use a protective spray against the sun

Just as one smears one’s face and body with sunscreen during prolonged exposure, it is essential to protect your hair to protect it from the various summer threats likely to weaken it: UV rays from the sun, salt, chlorine… Many hair care products exist to create an anti-aggression shield. The ideal is to bet on a light and pleasantly scented texture, which will make you want to apply your care regularly.

“During application, it is important to spray the treatment all over the hair, without forgetting the ends which are the first to undergo the ‘straw’ effect at the start of the school year”, advises Olivier Lebrun. And to add: “the protective hair care must be applied as soon as you arrive on the beach, then reapplied as soon as it has evaporated and the hair is no longer damp”. At stake ? A hair fiber safe and a trendy wet hairstyle.

Tie up your hair on the beach

“The less the surface of the hair is exposed, the better,” assures our expert. A good reflex to take is therefore to tie up your hair as soon as you arrive on the beach, for example by making a flexible braid. “Be careful not to do not make too tight hairstyles which could weaken or break the hair“, specifies the hairdresser. For a double dose of protection and style, we do not hesitate to wear a cap: the number one ally of hair against the sun!

Obviously, all this comes in addition to the application of the protective spray, which we take care to spray well just before styling our hair, then to reapply regularly during the day.

Apply nourishing masks twice a week

Despite the protection, the hair needs extra softness in the summer. “This notably involves applying a nourishing mask, at a slightly more sustained frequency than usual”, indicates Olivier Lebrun. Twice a week, we therefore think of applying a mask full of repairing active ingredients on well towel-dried lengths. It is then spread strand by strand by performing delicate massages to make the formula penetrate well. Leave on for ten minutes, before rinsing thoroughly.

The regular application of a nourishing mask is all the more important for naturally dry hair such as curly, frizzy or frizzy hair which is at high risk of breakage if not properly protected from the sun. What if you have fine hair? They too need to be strengthened. But to avoid a greasy or sticky effect, the mask can be applied as a first step, before shampooing, and without having too heavy a hand.

Good to know: it is wise to prepare your lengths a few days or even weeks before the start in the sunalready starting to make a more regular place for masks in her hair routine.

Do oil baths in the evening

While vegetable oils should absolutely be avoided in the sun (it could “fry” the hair!), they are beneficial in the evening to deeply nourish the hair and regenerate the hair fiber. “You can style your hair with a touch of oil before going out to dinner,” suggests the pro. “Or you can make oil baths to leave on for several hours or even overnight depending on the degree of dryness and the nature of the hair”.

The technique ? Prepare a mixture of vegetable oils for dry hair (argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc.) and brush the lengths with this homemade treatment. Then wrap the hair in a bathing cap or in transparent film and let it sit for as long as possible. Finally, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, taking the time to rinse well.

Don’t wash your hair too much

One of the golden rules is to always rinse your hair in the evening, after returning from the beach or the swimming pool to remove all residues of sand, salt or chlorine“, insists Olivier Lebrun. “But you should not necessarily wash them systematically with a shampoo, because that could excite the sebaceous glands of the scalp.” We are therefore content to rinse them with clear water and apply at least a detangler so as not to have to pull the hair too much afterwards.

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