Mintaka Paris offers a new experience for hair care within the Fabrique de la Beauté

Mintaka Paris propose, au sein de la Fabrique de la Beauté, une nouvelle expérience pour le soin des cheveux

A start-up created two years ago, in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) and which joined the Fabrique de la beauté at Coudray. “At Mintaka, hair beauty is reinvented, because the care that is made for you is the one you need, you will no longer have to throw away your products! »

This is the slogan of the young startuper Virginie Burckbuchler, who has put down her bags of shampoos, conditioners and masks in the city of innovation. Coming from the Paris region, she joined the incubator Fabrique de la beauté de Chartres Métropole a few months ago.

“All our treatments are natural, effective and made on demand in France, to release the beauty of hair and make it accessible to all women,” adds the young entrepreneur. “Mintaka company specializes in the custom hair beauty industry. We manufacture each product on demand by responding to a specific hair problem for our customers. »

Patented and recognized active ingredients

The start-up Mintaka Paris had chosen to come to Eurelian land following its visit to the last Cosmetic 360 show, organized by Cosmetic Valley under the carrousel du Louvre in Paris. “Discussing with the startups exhibiting at this beautiful show, I discovered the existence of the Fabrique de la beauté in Chartres. And that’s how I decided to join this rich and dynamic ecosystem to continue the development of my business,” says the young manager.

The conviction of Virginie Burckbuchler, scientist and hair expert, is that effective hair care is above all care whose action takes into account the differences and needs of each hair.

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“Hair science is Mintaka’s DNA. Each ingredient joining the collection of tailor-made hair care has been selected according to very strict specifications certifying for each the best naturalness, performance and sensoriality ratio. Our care collection thus offers the hair expert care that visibly transforms its appearance, for a deeply cared for and radiant fiber. We work with healthy formulas made from natural ingredients. The hearts of the formulas are created from botanical citrus caviars and marine caviars from the Philippines combined with precious oil extracts from rare flowers,” explains the manager.

Mintaka carries out a detailed diagnosis of the reality of the scalp and hair of its customers before offering shampoos, conditioners and masks made specifically for the customer.

“I spent more than ten years at L’Oréal where I worked exclusively on hair. Hair biophysics, chemistry and evaluation of hair. I have a 360° vision on the question. I conducted the research and development of my project myself working on the ingredients and the properties of the hair. We manufacture our products in a small workshop in France, the bottles in Annecy, the box in Auvergne. Everything is made in France with eco-design and eco-responsibility. The product, in the launch phase, is on the Internet. »


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