recipe for “beauty queen” oil, depending on your skin type

recipe for "beauty queen" oil, depending on your skin type

Making your own cosmetics means both being sure of the composition of the product and sometimes also saving money compared to what is sold on the market. But it can be dangerous to launch headlong into the adventure without knowledge. The idea is to make a product without an extended list of ingredients.

Pauline Dehecq, author of My minimalist cosmetics, 50 homemade cosmetics recipes (Thierry Souccar, 2019), delivered in “Good for you” one of the recipes in his book, depending on the type of skin you have (the needs are not the same, depending on whether you have oily skin or dry skin).

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The “beauty queen” oil is an oily, nourishing, protective, softening and repairing serum – ultimately anything but hydrating. Fats by nature do not hydrate, but they will limit dehydration. It is possible to use this oil instead of a day cream. And for the moisturizing side, you can apply some aloe vera gel. This is Pauline Dehecq’s recommendation!

The recipes

Of borage oil and seven drops ofrosemary essential oil with verbenone. Be careful to take this kind of essential oil and not another. Verbenone is the main molecule present in the essential oil, and it is this molecule that will have certain properties, including healing and regenerating.

And conversely, if you start taking rosemary with camphor, it won’t have the same properties at all, especially not the same contraindications.

Add to this four drops of Vitamin E.

  • For combination to oily and normal skin

For combination to oily skin,nuts oil and seven drops oftea tree essential oil. Add to this four drops of Vitamin E .

For normal skin,nuts oil and seven drops ofrose geranium essential oil. Add to this four drops of Vitamin E.

Of olive oil and seven drops oflavender essential oil. Add to this four drops of Vitamin E .

Of the’sweet almond oil and seven drops ofRoman chamomile essential oil which is a great soothing. Add to this four drops of Vitamin E .

Pauline Dehecq explains why four drops of vitamin E must be added to these preparations: “Vitamin E is what is called an antioxidant. It will precisely prevent everything from mixing, oxidizing, that is to say rancid, since by definition, a fatty substance will inevitably go rancid after a while, and that’s what we don’t want”. Note that the mixture can be kept for a maximum of six months.

It may also be useful to remember that essential oils are not suitable for everyone. They are absolutely not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and all immunocompromised people.

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