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Imagine a pigeon eating bread on the banks of the Seine. It repels you, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you that in reality this little beast is a marvel of the city? This is what Adèle Renault, a French graffiti artist, tries to show to the world, to reveal beauty where no one dares to look.

Artist Adèle Renault is spray painting her next work
Adèle Renault painting a fresco / Instagram

Art is an activity that allows us to see beauty everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Adèle Renault, graffiti artist, understood this very well. Equipped with her bomb and her mask, she covers the walls of the whole world, revealing the splendor of subjects of which we least suspect. Come and discover the portrait of this young woman filled with sensitivity and beautiful visions.

Adele and someone close to her, a man with a hat, hold a white-headed pigeon in front of a large fresco where the same pigeon is painted
Adele and a loved one admiring the pigeon she just painted / Instagram

A family story

With musical parents with a globe-trotting bent, Adèle spent a large part of her childhood on the roads of Africa, Latin America and even Europe. It was during these long days of contemplating the landscapes of the seven wonders of the world that she clicked. In the Prague train station, she sits for several hours admiringly gazing at Prague’s historic graffiti-adorned trains, and that’s when her lifelong passion unfolded. Thus, at thirteen, like Victor Hugo holding his first pen, she grabs her very first spray can in front of the proud eyes of her father, who then takes her to her first graffiti lessons every week.

Adèle is in full creation in her studio.  She is painting green, blue and orange feathers
Adèle in full creation in her studio / Instagram
Adèle admires a work painted by herself which is a pigeon looking down.
Adèle admires a work painted by herself / Instagram

Far from being a pigeon!

Motivated by the thirst to pursue her dream, Adèle succeeded in graduating from the prestigious school Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. The piece of paper in hand, she decides to travel the world in search of her main inspiration. It was in 2009 that it hit her in the eye, she decided to give all the glory that the pigeon deserved according to her. Considered harmful, infested with disease and polluting the landscape, the pigeon has always been the ugly duckling of birds. But Adèle doesn’t see any of this, she understands the social issue that hides behind this animal ” He lives on the street, and I work there all the time. I wasn’t really interested in the pigeon itself, but what it represents. » she specifies during an interview given to AS-adventure. This is how she begins to travel the world in search of the “perfect pigeon”. For each country visited, the young woman always looks for the famous bird as a model to dismantle the tainted image of the pigeon to the whole world, and thus show that beauty is hidden everywhere, it’s only a question of point of view. .

Wall fresco by Adèle Renault representing a red-billed sparrow
Mural by Adèle Renault in the Midis Pyrénées in Sempesserre / instagram
Wall fresco by Adèle Renault depicting a green-necked pigeon
Mural by Adèle Renault in Stavelot, France / Instagram
Wall fresco representing a gray pigeon with the tips of the feathers in the colors of the rainbow
Mural by Adele Renault located in New Delhi, India / Instagram

From illegality to freedom

As you will have understood, Adèle is today one of the greatest French graffiti artists. But it was not an easy title to acquire. During his years of study in Brighton, England, the artist explored more and more his passion, in particular by admiring the hall of fame, those famous English walls reserved for creativity and art. However, he sometimes painted on lambda walls, which attracted the attention, not always very educational, of the English police. She also explains that she has already spent nights in prison for degrading public places. But for her, the game has to be worth the candle. The history of street art was born illegally!

two works by Adèle exhibited in a gallery.  One represents orange feathers and the other blue feathers
Exhibition of works by Adèle Renault at Moberg Gallery, USA / Instagram
Zoomed artwork by Adele depicting feathers in pink, purple and orange tones
Artwork by Adele Renault / Instagram
Adele sits on scaffolding in front of her mural depicting blue, purple and green feathers
Adèle Renault posing in front of a fresco being finished/ instagram

Fortunately today mentalities have changed. Moreover, the authorities and the companies themselves pay it to brighten up the walls of cities. Like what Adele has indeed succeeded in revealing the beauty of the world hidden in broad daylight.

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