Sea salt, chlorine, sun… On vacation, should you wash your hair after swimming?

Sea salt, chlorine, sun… On vacation, should you wash your hair after swimming?

Should you wash your mermaid hair after each swim? Getty Images

Should you rinse your mermaid hair after each swim? With or without shampoo? A hairdresser enlightens us and shares his tips.

Sea salt, chlorine, sand, residues of sunscreen… So many enemies for our hair that we come across on a daily basis during the holidays, at the swimming pool as well as at the sea. As the day goes by, these particles clog the pores of the scalp and end up damaging the lengths. Hence the pressing need to wash your hair after each swim. But is this repeated cleaning really beneficial for our already badly damaged mane in summer?

At least one daily rinse

“It is not advisable to wash them systematically after each swim, on the other hand they must be cleaned at least once a day if you have been in sea water or a swimming pool”, concedes Adrien Coelho, hairdresser and founder of the Very Confidential salon in Paris. Indeed, the contact of the hair with chlorine and sea salt, associated with exposure to the sun, turns out to be a very bad combination, underlines the specialist. This is why, a daily rinsing with clear water is “the union minimum”, he insists.

As for those who swim in the river this summer, Adrien Coelho wants to be more reassuring. “It’s less of a problem for the hair because it’s soft water, but a simple rinse is still recommended,” he admits.

Care according to your hair type

In the event that one wishes to carry out a deeper cleaning, the hairdresser invites to respect the nature of the hair. According to Adrien Coelho, a normal type of hair or one that tends to get greasy easily can withstand daily cleansing with a classic shampoo “without any problem”. “After a day at the beach or at the pool, you can shampoo every night before going to bed,” he says.

Those who have very dry, damaged or colored hair are encouraged to swap their usual shampoo for a hair care cream. “Rinse your hair then apply the cream to the lengths, recommends the hairdresser. The latter does not foam and provides much more hydration than shampoo. In practice, you have to emulsify it, untangle your hair and rinse again. Another alternative proposed by Adrien Coelho: leave the product on overnight and rinse it off the next day. In this way, we rid the hair of impurities accumulated throughout the day, but gently and caring for them at the same time.

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An oil to protect the hair

If daily washing is therefore not prohibited, the abuse of shampoo risks damaging weakened hair at the end of the holidays. Those who cannot do without it should turn to a rigorous care routine to prevent possible damage. Among the fastest and most effective gestures, Adrien Coelho acclaims hair oil. “Rinse the hair to moisten it beforehand, then coat it with product on the lengths and ends, before and after swimming, especially if you expose yourself to the sun, explains the hairdresser. This will create a protective barrier; chlorinated or salt water will slide along the hair fiber, since water and oil do not mix. As a bonus, the hair is hydrated and nourished.

Thanks to this action, the hair will then not be afraid of the evening shampoo, which will only eliminate the excess fat that envelops it, without abrading it. And for those who don’t like oil, a leave-in conditioner or cream can also do the trick.

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