Slow cosmetics: 5 Indian brands that could well modify your beauty routine

Slow cosmetics: 5 Indian brands that could well modify your beauty routine

Do you know slow cosmetics? This ecological and ethical approach to beauty gives pride of place to natural ingredients and integrates sustainability at every step of the process. The principle is to take a step back, to reassess our behavior and our consumption habits in order to favor products that are good for our skin and the planet. Think circular, sustainable and viable. According to the agency’s Big Ideas 2023 report WGSN, specializing in trend forecasting, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the skincare industry: brands are now emphasizing health, science and social justice. Slow cosmetics encourages us to be attentive to our environment by making small decisions that have an impact, such as studying bottle labels, researching ingredients and their origin, favoring committed brands, reducing and sorting waste, and finally, not not consume more than necessary.

According Debbie Palmerdermatologist, osteopath and author of the book Mindful Beauty, “slowing down and practicing mindfulness in our daily tasks, including our beauty routine, contributes to our overall well-being”. She has a pretty simple solution: focus on the present moment. “Soak up life to the fullest. Examine the texture, smell and color of the product. How does the app feel to you? That’s it, the slow beauty : take full advantage of the moment.” Fear of the future can do nothing about this! “Focusing the mind not only blocks the negative energy around us, but also taps into the healing power of the body,” continues the Dr. Palmer. When we are serene, we have more energy, more creativity, we radiate outside. We feel better overall.”

The 5 products of Indian brands of slow cosmetics to know

If you haven’t adopted the slow beautyhere is a selection of natural products to integrate into your beauty routine:

1. Coconut milk oil, Call of the Valley

Thanks to slow and extremely gentle processes that preserve the quality of the natural resources used, the brand Call of the Valley produces pure, unaltered oils that nourish hair, body and face. Handcrafted from start to finish, their 100% organic coconut milk oil is extracted without high heat or machinery, preserving the best properties of the coconut.

Coconut Milk Oil – Call Of The Valley


26 €

Call Of The Valley

2. Cream Blush, Ruby’s Organics

If you plan to switch to “clean” makeup, you should find what you are looking for at Ruby’s Organics. This Indian brand run by women offers products halfway between make-up and skincare. They are paraben-free, petrochemical-free and alcohol-free. Special mention for their creamy and versatile blush that can be applied on the eyes, lips or cheeks.


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