The 2022 Directors’ Fortnight honored at the Galaxy cinema in Lecci

Photo illustration. Crédit OT Porto-Vecchio

CHILE. By Manuela Martelli
Chile, 1976. Three years after Pinochet’s coup, Carmen leaves to oversee the renovation of the family’s seaside home. Her husband, children and grandchildren come and go during the winter holidays. When the priest asks her to take care of a young man whom he is secretly taking in, Carmen finds herself in unknown territory, far from the bourgeois and quiet life to which she is accustomed.

TUNISIA-France. By Youssef Chebbi
In one of the buildings of the Jardins de Carthage, a district of Tunis created by the old regime but
whose construction was brutally stopped at the beginning of the revolution, two cops, Fatma and Batal, discover a charred body. As construction sites gradually resume, they begin to look into this mysterious case. When a similar incident occurs, the investigation takes a disconcerting turn.

France. By Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor
Five centuries ago, the anatomist André Vésale opened the body up to science for the first time. De Humani Corporis Fabrica opens today the body to the cinema. We discover that human flesh is an incredible landscape that only exists thanks to the looks and attentions of others. Hospitals, places of care and suffering, are laboratories that connect all the bodies of the

Spain. By Elena Lopez Riera
It’s summer in a small southeastern Spanish village. A storm threatens to overflow
again the river that crosses it. An old popular belief assures that certain women are predestined to disappear with each new flood, because they have “the water in them”. A group of young people try to survive the weariness of summer, they smoke, dance, desire each other. In this electric atmosphere, Ana and José live a love story, until the storm bursts.

Canada-France. By Charlotte Le Bon
A story of love and ghosts.

Portugal. By João Pedro Rodrigues. On his deathbed, Alfredo, an uncrowned king, is brought back to distant memories of his youth and the time when he dreamed of becoming a firefighter. The meeting with instructor Afonso, from the fire brigade, opens a new chapter in the lives of two young men dedicated to love and desire, and to the desire to change the status quo.

France. By Lionel Baier Nathalie Adler is on a mission for the European Union in Sicily. She is notably responsible for organizing the next visit of Macron and Merkel to a migrant camp. Presence with high symbolic value, just to show that everything is under control. But who still wants to believe in this European family on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Probably not Albert, the son of Nathalie, an activist involved with an NGO, who arrives without warning. He, in addition, he no longer believes in his mother.

France. By Lea Mysius
Vicky, a strange and lonely little girl, has a gift: she can smell and reproduce all the smells of her choice, which she collects in carefully labeled jars. She secretly extracted the scent from her mother, Joanne, to whom she has a mad and exclusive, almost sickly love. One day Julia, her father’s sister, bursts into their lives. Vicky embarks on the development of her scent. She is then transported to dark and magical memories where she will discover the secrets of her village, her family and her own existence.

Ukraine-France. By Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk
A village in western Ukraine on the eve of its traditional carnival. Pamfir joins his family after months of absence. The ties that unite this family are so strong that when Nazar, his only son, sets fire to the local parish hall, Pamfir has no choice but to reconnect with his troubled past in order to repair the error of his child. . He then embarks on a risky trade that will lead him to make decisions with irreversible consequences.

France. By Alice Winocour
In Paris, Mia is caught in an attack in a brasserie. Three months later, when she has
still unable to resume the course of her life and that she only remembers the event in snatches, Mia decides to investigate her memory to find the path to possible happiness.

France. By Mia Hansen-Love
Sandra, a young mother raising her daughter alone, often visits her sick father, Georg. So
that she engages with her family in an obstacle course to get him treated, Sandra meets Clément, a long-lost friend…


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