The best care to protect colored hair this summer

The best care to protect colored hair this summer

It’s no secret that colored hair is particularly fragile. And all the more so in summer, when they are subject to the deleterious effects of the sun, the sea, chlorine or even sand. If it is preferable to bet on vegetable colorings – free of any controversial ingredient and which have the same virtues as a care, without being less effective than a traditional coloring -, the return of the beautiful season also implies a change in her hair routine.

The (many) harmful effects of summer on colored hair

On the one hand, UV rays alter the keratin present in the hair as well as the reflections of the coloring. On the other hand, sea or chlorinated water creates a favorable ground for the oxidation of the hair fiber, which makes it all the more fragile. Consequence: The hair becomes duller, loses its shine and pigments. To cope with these multiple attacks, colored hair has every interest in betting – even before leaving for the holidays – on shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing agents. The more the hair fiber is hydrated, the more it will have the right assets to prepare itself against external aggressions.

Our selection of treatments to keep all the shine of your colored hair

Olaplex immediate effect pre-shampoo

Whether before taking the plunge into coloring or between two treatments, this best-selling treatment is applied before the shampoo step to fortify the weakened hair mass.

Olaplex – N°3 Hair Perfector


Olaplex via

Toning shampoo by Leonor Greyl

With its formula containing up to 92% ingredients of natural origin, Leonor Greyl’s revitalizing shampoo is particularly rich in vitamins, plant extracts and vegetable proteins. Be the perfect combo to revive the color and protect all its radiance.

Leonor Greyl – Vitalizing Bath Shampoo B


Leonor Greyl Paris via

Nourishing shampoo from Sisley

This treatment designed by Sisley incorporates plant extracts such as hibiscus flower, which deeply nourish dull hair.

Hair Rituel by Sisley – Color perfecting shampoo


Sisley via

Lazartigue fortifying conditioner

A cocktail of camellia oil with nourishing properties and fortifying camellia flower extract that promises shiny hair. The plus: its bewitching citrus scent.

Lazartigue – Color Protect Conditioner

28 €

Lazartigue via

Oribe Repair Conditioner

This conditioner is ideal for dull hair. On the program: amino acids, grape seed oil, amber extract and sweet almond proteins, which make the hair radiant.

Oribe – Shine & Glow Conditioner

55 €

Oribe via

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s anti-hair loss serum

This clever serum, which is suitable for all types of hair – including colored hair – draws on its extracts of Eamelia and Larch to nourish and add volume while limiting the appearance of split ends. Ultimate good point: it is also particularly effective as a shield against external aggressions, such as heating devices, pollution and stress.

Dr. Barbara Sturm – Anti Hair Loss Scalp Serum 50ml

90 €

Dr. Barbara Sturm via

Furterer’s protective mask

The promise of this mask? Color preserved and even prolonged for up to 8 weeks. A clever blend of 100% natural active ingredients, including witch hazel, it envelops the hair fiber in a protective veil that preserves the intensity of the color. After application, the hair gains in density and shine.

Furterer – Okara Color Color protection mask


Furterer via

Shu Uemura’s moisturizing mask

Infused with goji berry extract and rosehip oil, this mask not only deeply hydrates the hair and preserves the color pigments, it also reveals all their shine.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair – Color Luster

59 €

Shu Uemura Art of Hair via

L’Oréal Professionnel anti-split spray

Anti-breakage, split ends or frizz… This spray to spray as the last step in your care routine multiplies the good actions to effectively protect colored hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

L’Oréal Professionnel – Vitamino Color Expert Series

23 €

L’Oreal via Sephora

Augustinus Bader’s leave-in conditioner

If your hair suffers from successive colorings, this is the right choice. It took almost 30 years of research to develop this treatment which, in addition to protecting the hair from UV rays and the sun, intensely rehydrates the driest and most fragile hair fibres.

Augustinus Bader – The Leave in Conditioner

42 €

Augustinus Bader via

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