The best tan extenders to make your tan last

The best tan extenders to make your tan last

After working all summer for a glowing tan, we don’t want to see it go away in a week. Good news, to make the tan last, you can use a treatment tan extender.

Why use a tan extender?

The tan extender has two functions: to make the tan last and to intensely moisturize the skin. After being exposed to the sun, the skin is dehydrated, which can lead to flaking and loss of tan. The moisturizing side of tanning prolonging treatment will nourish and soften the skin, to maintain a luminous tan.

This type of treatment also allows make the tan last thanks to its wording. They rely on components that act on melanin, like carrots or Buriti oil, to keep this tanned effect. Result: your tan is extended from two weeks to one month, for the most effective cosmetics.

Good to know: these tan-prolonging treatments often act asafter Sun.

If your tan extender is also an after-sun product, then you can use it after each sun exposure, on clean, dry skin. This is also what is highly recommended to make the tan last. Otherwise, you can start using it as a daily moisturizer when you return from vacation, replacing your usual cream.

Of course, to maximize the effects of the tan prolonging treatment, it is advisable to adopt certain good gestures

  • Stay well hydrated by drinking 1.5 liters of water a day,
  • Hydrate your skin daily
  • Make scrubs to avoid a dull complexion
  • Eat a balanced diet for a luminous tan and bet on foods rich in beta-carotene
  • Have good sleep hygiene
  • Take care of your sunburn and do not expose yourself as long as the skin is still overheated
  • Protect your skin well from UV rays.

The top tan extenders for a luminous tan

There are a plethora of tan extenders and after-sun products on the market. We have selected the best for you to help you in your choice.

We particularly love the Lancaster Golden Tan Maximizer tan extender. His reputation is well established. This iconic body milk helps prolong the tan for up to a month after the last sun exposure. It is enriched with Buriti oil of natural origin, to stimulate the natural production of melanin and obtain a golden and luminous tan. This treatment contains 86.6% ingredients of natural origin.

We also shop for good-looking carrot oil from Evoluderm. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which boosts tanning and provides a long-lasting tan. It is applied on the body as well as the face. It is possible to mix a few drops with your cream or to use it directly on the skin.

We also love the Caudalie tanning extender milk. Composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin, this after-sun allows the tan to last for up to two weeks after the last exposure. It nourishes and softens the skin.

Finally, for the smallest budgets, we opt for the Nivea Sun tanning extender milk. It contains pro-melanin extract which activates the skin’s melanin synthesis and ensures a lasting tan.

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Evoluderm Healthy Glow Carrot Oil

Carrot oil helps boost the radiance of the face and body by enhancing the tan. It has an immediate healthy glow effect and helps prolong the tan. You can apply it directly to your skin or mix it with a cream.

Price: €10.90


Clarins tanning prolonging after-sun jelly

This after-sun gel for the face and body refreshes and hydrates the skin after sun exposure. It helps to make the tan last and intensify it by repairing and soothing the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. Its texture is non-sticky.

Price: 35 euros


Tanning extender Institut Esthederm

The Tan Extender body milk nourishes and soothes the skin after each sun exposure. The skin is more supple, well hydrated and luminous. The tan is durably prolonged for a radiant tan. To be used daily after returning from vacation.

Price: 49 euros


Dior Bronze tan prolonging after-sun care

Le Baume de Monoï Dior Bronze helps prolong the intensity of the tan up to 1 but after the last exposure to the sun. It helps to

  • soothe burning sensations
  • moisturize the skin
  • repair skin dryness

Price: 46 euros


Lancaster Golden Tan Maximizer Tanning Extender

The Golden Tan Maximizer after-sun milk prolongs the tan for up to 1 month after the last sun exposure. It is enriched with Buriti oil of natural origin, to stimulate the natural production of melanin. This helps achieve a golden, long-lasting and even tan. In addition, it helps soften the skin and fight against the risk of desquamation. It contains 86.6% ingredients of natural origin.

Price: €64.99


Super Sisley tanning prolonging after-sun care

The Super Tanning Extender After-Sun Care allows:

  • to appease
  • to rehydrate
  • instantly refresh the skin

Its formula is rich in soothing active ingredients (Andiroba oil, Alpha-bisabolol) to calm the burning sensation. The moisturizing and restorative properties of Shea Butter, Stevia leaf and Vegetable Glycerin extracts comfort, nourish and soften the epidermis. The combination of low-dose self-tanning active ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) naturally enhances the tan.

Price: 132 euro


Nivea Sun Tan Extender Bronze After-Sun Milk

This tan-prolonging after-sun milk contains pro-melanin extract which activates the synthesis of melanin in the skin and ensures a lasting tan. You can use it during your holidays then as a daily care product to make the tan last.

Price: €8.10


Caudalie tanning extender after-sun milk

This after-sun milk offers a good dose of hydration for a prolonged and luminous tan
Nourished, soothed skin. The tan is extended for 2 weeks. It is composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Price: €19.90


Nuxe Sun tanning extender after-sun milk

The face and body after-sun care, with Water and Sun Flowers, repairs, hydrates, leaves a satin finish and prolongs the tan by 2 weeks. Its fresh texture provides an immediate feeling of comfort and relief. It contains 92% ingredients of natural origin.

Price: 18 euro


Biotherm tanning prolonging after-sun pearly cream

This after-sun cream soothes and promotes cell regeneration of sun-damaged skin (Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton, trace minerals, vitamin B5 and E). She allows to

  • quench the skin for a luminous and lasting tan (palm oil, Radiant Tan Complex)
  • to illuminate the body with a subtle veil of pearls

Price: €24.90

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