The ideal shampoo for fine hair is rated 100/100 on Yuka

The ideal shampoo for fine hair is rated 100/100 on Yuka

Looking for a natural and vegan shampoo, who takes care of oily roots and fine hair? Look no further, we have unearthed the hair nugget of the moment. An ultra-gentle formula and natural ingredients, for the greatest pleasure of your hair and your scalp!

What is the composition of this YODI natural shampoo?

Note 100/100 on the Yuka appYodi’s Volume & Shine Almond Milk Powder Shampoo is composed of only 11 natural ingredients :

  • Sweet almond extract: moisturizes and protects the hair
  • Sweet almond protein that will stimulate hair growth
  • Rice extract: for boost the radiance hair
  • A patented prebiotic (alpha glucan oligosaccharid) that protects and strengthens the balance of the scalp
  • A vanilla extract, which softens and deeply nourishes the hair
  • Perfume of 100% natural origin with coconut, which delicately perfumes the hair
  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate and sodium cocoyl glutamate, two plant-based foamers
  • Organic corn starch
  • acacia gum
  • Mannitol (sugar)

This shampoo is preservatives, allergen-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free and sulphate-free.

Volume & Shine powder shampoo, Yodi, 20€

Why do we love YODI Almond Milk Softness powder shampoo?

In addition to his ultra natural compositionvse powder shampoo with prebioticsuse like a regular shampoo. The powder foams instantly on contact with water, and washes the hair perfectly without drying it out. Result: it brings strength, brilliance and fine hair volume, and removes sebum for healthy and light roots. Ideal for sensitive scalps, to give a boost to dull hair and get rid of oily roots. The difference on the hair is visible from the first use, and the result lasts several days. In addition, this shampoo is vegan, cruelty-freeand eco-designed in France: it has it all!

What are the advantages and benefits of shampoo powder?

The powder shampoos have many advantages, just like solid shampoos. They are ecological, thanks to their powder format, which avoids plastic packaging and therefore waste. Their composition, without water, is lighter than conventional shampoos. Finally, they are light and can accompany us everywhere, even in carry-on luggage when traveling by plane.

The powder shampoo is used in the same way as a classic shampoo:

  • Shake the shampoo before use
  • Wet your hair and hands well
  • Pour half a teaspoon of shampoo into the palm of your hand
  • Add a little water and lather
  • Wash your hair as usual then rinse

And There you go ! Clean and healthy hair.

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