The part of the body that we forget to take care of to avoid the appearance of aging

The part of the body that we forget to take care of to avoid the appearance of aging

You are beautiful, in case you need to read it (it always feels good). And if skin aging is one of your pet peeves in terms of aesthetics, this should arouse your interest: there is a part of the body that is often forgotten in beauty routines… However, the area is right under your eyes when you are in front of your mirror, and even represents quite a complex in some people. But why is it so neglected?

The neck, largely overlooked in beauty routines

Slow down the appearance of signs of aging is not easy, as evidenced by the many products you have probably tried, without success. And if you don’t want to stem your skin aging, free to you, there is no obligation to that! For those who still want to try the experiment, there is an area of ​​your body that is often forgotten in the process, even though it could be the first to betray you in the future: your neck.

The skin from your neck down to your low-cut is much thinner than that of your face, and therefore risks suffering from skin aging more quickly, whether because of UV rays or simply because of the passage of time. It should therefore be included in your beauty routine as soon as possible if you want to preserve the elasticity of the skin in this area. And use care that corresponds to it.

How to take care of your neck?

The key to skin with lasting radiance is above all hydration and protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Morning and evening, give your face and neck a bit of moisturizer suited to your skin type, as well as a good dose of sun protection, all year round, not just in summer! And of course, we do not forget the neckline. It too needs attention to be durably preserved from the signs of aging.

However, there is another additional solution to counter skin aging even more strongly: massage. Indeed, on social networks and in institute, the facial yoga and skin massages regularly rise to the top trend! A few small, well-placed and executed movements can allow your skin to retain radiance and elasticity by combating the installation of wrinkles, and even significantly modify the shape of your face. It’s a kind of mini drainage of your neck, décolleté and face, in short.

At best, it helps you counter the signs of aging, at worst, I promise, these moves will at least relax you somewhat. You have nothing to lose by trying!

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