The prettiest short haircuts to adopt now

The prettiest short haircuts to adopt now

The short haircut, why not? This cut, ideal for daring women, can be worn at any age and is sure to give style and a sharp character. Will you dare it this season?

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Are you tired of spending hours taking care of your hair? Do you simply want a radical change? Do you want to follow current trends?

So, try short haircuts. Here is a selection made by our team.

1. The Bob cut, ear length

This first cut is definitely one of the hottest trends this year for ladies in search of short hair.

This type of short bob has many variations, depending on hair texture and density, which means you can surely achieve it regardless of your head type.

2. The bixie cut

Beautiful fusion between the famous Pixie cut and the Bob, the Bixie cut plays on lengths and volumes. Shorter than its cousin the Pixie, this haircut stops at ear level.

It adapts to all hair types. It is particularly well suited to long and oval faces.

3. The Bob Boyfriend Cut

The ” Boyfriend Bob » is a variant of the square cut. This cut combines both the short bob and the long bob.

At the level of the length, this cut stops at ear height and plays on the gradients. It adapts harmoniously to heart-shaped facial morphologies and to oval, long and round faces.

However, forget this cut if your features are square or rectangular!

4. The boyish cut

If you have a round face and cheeks, it is recommended to soften this roundness in order to avoid a ball effect which will certainly make you look like a child.

To do this, opt for a variant of the boyish cut with a marked gradient and a play on lengths and materials. The short haircut Boyish gives a totally androgynous look.

5. The short mullet haircut

This cut is still far from unanimous here, but it deserves to be known. The short mullet cut is all about the gradient and the unstructured bangs.

Straight out of the 90s, the women’s mullet cut is making a comeback. It is characterized by shorter hair on the top of the head and sides and longer hair at the back. In 2022, fashionistas are wearing it in a bold and colorful way!

6. The pixie cut

With its gradient and rounded shape, the pixie cut sublimates all face shapes and all hair types. This asymmetrical cut, which is distinguished by a short nape and a long lock or fringe on the front, has what give our face a mischievous and childish look, like the stars who have adopted it: Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson or Michelle Williams.

7. The Shag Cut

For more than two years, the haircut ” Shag meets many thin-haired followers.

The idea? Have different lengths of hair: short, tapered locks on the top of the head and all around the face and behind, longer locks. These different lengths bring a lot of volume to the hairstyle.

A short cut can sublimate a look and soften a face. She makes a look and brings an ultra glamorous “je ne sais quoi” to whoever assumes it. Come on, dare ladies!

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