The products that stood out from the fourth annual Healthy Hair Awards!

The products that stood out from the fourth annual Healthy Hair Awards!

Discover the 8 hair care products recommended by the experts! Their users were more than satisfied!

Our hair says a lot about us! Think about it: a ravishing cut that lights up your lover’s face. Or even a fresh brushing that requires a selfie.

Most of the time, the trick to making that confidence boost last is to adopt a whole new routine. A good hair care program can help you do just that. The details !

Hair care: miracle products!

A miracle of chemistry, this styling cream Mega Curl Enhancer by Philip B is a must try! You have curly hair and you don’t know what to do with it to improve its condition. Come on, don’t lose hope! With this must-have hair care product, you’ll have plenty to brag about to your girlfriends. People who have used this cream have all been satisfied!

Starting with its incredible good smell that will delight your nostrils. Besides, it’s always motivating to use products that smell good! But that’s still not the only benefit you’ll get from using this hair care product. Indeed, know that this one can not only define your locks. But she can also hydrate them without weighing them down ! Many have tried it and most have recommended it!

L’detangling conditioner of Sun Bum is also to be taken into account. This hair care favorite of many is also deeply moisturizing! Hairdresser Laura Polko has tried it, and in particular, she loves it. “I like to spray it on curly hair […] it brings a beautiful end result,” she said. And from his testimonials, this product also happens to help control frizz.

Moreover, it is an inconvenience that people with curly hair often face! But don’t worry anymore! This hair care has been tested and has demonstrates its effectiveness. It also has a balanced pH. So it won’t irritate your scalp and can be used easily while detangling. For only €19 for 300 ml, it’s yours!

These items that have won over professional hairdressers!

Let’s continue with the next hair care that you absolutely must try! It’s about Frizz Block Anti-Frizz Shield Spray of Virtue. To be applied to curly hair, this spray acts as a very powerful moisturizer! Alex Brown was the one who tested it and she didn’t fail to give her feedback. “This is the best frizz product by far,” he said!

This shield spray is also very practical! It seems that it does not weigh down the hair. A point that already underlines an advantage of its use! In addition, this hair care further lightens your hair by giving them a nice shine. If you plan to get it, remember to pay only €43 for 150 ml.

As its name suggests, this formula is suitable for curls. Thus, it helps to define, strengthen and hydrate them. so that they are at their best. To use this hair treatment, apply a small amount to damp hair. Then, dry them as usual. Now all you have to do is wait for the compliments to pour in.

Amika’s Soulfood Nourishing Mask: This ultra-luxurious hair treatment is rich and creamy yet won’t weigh hair down. He packed with vitamins and nutrients to revitalize the scalp. So it will be softer, silkier and smoother than ever. In addition, this mask is ideal for all hair types. But especially those who need deep hydration. It’s from €20.20 for 250 ml!

Hair care: this infallible product to try at least once in your life

Garnier Fructis Curl Refresher Conditioning Water will make you overflow your hair hydration up to two days. This hair treatment instantly eliminates frizz and restores bounce to your curls. Also, its effects will show after your second wash. No need to remind you that this product smells pleasant! It’s hard to do without its freshly impacting scent!

This non-sticky and non-greasy water is based on a formula of exclusive duo of ingredients. These are coconut water and Elasto-Protein. Basically, a mix of vegetable proteins and revitalizing products! This hair care is especially great for all curls, waves, and coils! It should be noted that it is a sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, vegan formula.

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