The wearing course of the Millau Viaduct is getting a makeover

The wearing course of the Millau Viaduct is getting a makeover

In 2022, the Millau Viaduct will celebrate its 18th anniversary. A majority which is accompanied by maintenance work to allow the structure to live in the best conditions.

In March 2021, the Millau Viaduct notably began the first phase of an anti-corrosion campaign which will last until 2024. Each year – in spring and autumn – the teams clean, strip and prepare the surfaces before apply the new paint that will protect the viaduct.

Since Tuesday, August 30, it’s the surface course’s turn to get a makeover!

An approved formula

During the construction of the structure, the composition of the wearing course implemented on the Millau Viaduct required 2 years of study and testing. At the time, the application had lasted less than a week, from September 21 to 24, 2004. In 2022, the formula remains unchanged!

A partial renewal

This is a preventive recovery for this asphalt whose lifespan was initially 15 years. The works consist of a partial renewal of the wearing course over the entire deck and in each direction of traffic. A planing of 3.5 cm is planned on the 4,920 linear meters of the apron. A total recovery of the sealing-bearing complex can also be carried out in line with any areas identified as too degraded.

Once planing is complete, the mix is ​​poured in four phases to reduce expansion stresses. About 1,400 tonnes of wearing course will be placed between the Causse Rouge and the Causse du Larzac.

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Work under close supervision

17 magnetic sensors under the pavement will make it possible to monitor the temperature of the structure at the time of the implementation of the asphalt. Expansion will also be closely monitored at the north and south joints, and pier displacement will be monitored through topographic measurements on piers P3 and P5.

A tested solution

In the spring of 2022, a full-scale test was carried out between piles P1 and P2 of the Millau Viaduct. On this part, all of the asphalt has been removed on two traffic lanes, thus making it possible to detect any damage.

During this test board, the teams tested the techniques, equipment and human resources that will be deployed during the six weeks of construction.

An adapted circulation

Traffic on the Millau Viaduct will be modified throughout the duration of this project. A traffic switchover – day and night – is installed by the viaduct patrollers. All vehicles will travel north-south between August 30 and September 20, then south-north until October 12.

The Millau Viaduct area will only be accessible in the direction of vehicle traffic. However, it remains accessible from Millau and the boulevard du viaduc.

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