These magical and incredible tips for having sublime hair in autumn!


There are many type of hair. And they each have their own needs. Very often, we would like to be able to change our hair, by straightening it or giving it pretty loops. But some hair advice remains universal. We take stock of the gestures and tips to adopt to display dream hair this fall !

Hydration: the first step to healthy hair

So that your hair can grow while staying protected from attacks, they need a good dose of hydration. To hydrate your locks, mineral water is not enough. On the other hand, consider the hair oils, essential to preserve the fiber from aggressions. Argan, Shea or silk proteins… Many care exist. For best results, leave them on for the night.

If you have some dry and thick hair, coconut oil will work wonders on your mane. If you want to accelerate hair growth, castor oil has many advantages.

On the other hand, if you must expose yourself to the sun, also take the trouble to protect your hairwith a treatment containing a UV filter ! You can easily find this kind of product in pharmacies.
Finally, your water intake remains important for hydrated hair. So think about drinking 1.5 L of water every day.

Styling: the key gesture to avoid major damage

Attention ! It’s not about overbrushing yourself. Gently comb your hair, without firing. And above all, limit heated tools, such as hair dryers. If you like to straighten your hair, spray a protective spray so as not to damage your lengths with the heat. Finally, when you get out of the shower, avoid rubbing your head with a towel. Prioritize soft fabrics, such as microfibers. They attack the hair less.

The ideal food for healthy hair

What you are eating has a big impact on your appearance. Just like skin or weight, your mane will always reflect your lifestyle. To preserve hair health, experts recommend consuming biotin. It is an active ingredient present in bananas, nuts or eggs.

You should also know that there are supplements (such as vitamins or beer yeast) for thick, shiny hair. These capsules are also available in all pharmacies.

Protect your mane this fall

Back to school often rhymes with dull hair. Because of swimming and the sun, the hair often arrives in poor condition in the fall. It is therefore necessary to take care to surround them with all the care possible!

First, the fall of temperatures can help to space out shampoos. Indeed, if you wash your hair too frequently, it will tend to grease too quickly. In general, shampoos attack the fiber and can quickly dry them out. The ideal frequency for washing your hair remains 1 to 3 times a week. In order to wait between two washes, you can use dry shampoos (powder or spray). Thus, they will gently remove the sebum.

Finally, be sure to choose gentle products that do not strip your scalp. Even oily hair needs care!

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