Win two cult organic products from Physiodermie!

Win two cult organic products from Physiodermie!

Composed of Cleansing balm-in-milk organic and organic vitamin C serumreset the counters and get a makeover for the start of the school year by winning the Physiodermie pack worth €114!

Physiodermie, Swiss cosmeceuticals at the service of your skin

From its laboratory based in Geneva, Physiodermie develops, manufactures and tests its products, in an eco-responsible approach, in order to guarantee excellence in terms of quality and efficiency. Expert in professional skin care, the brand develops formulas that visibly improve the quality of the skin. To do this, Physiodermie uses natural active ingredients recognized for their effectiveness. The Swiss brand aims to tackle the causes of the problems and not the consequences and thus offers cutting-edge formulas.

Physiodermie has even developed its own unique Multi Active Micro-Encapsulation (MEIMA) technology to offer its consumers the most effective product possible. Thanks to this technology, the active ingredients used penetrate the different layers of the skin to diffuse what is needed, where it is needed.

What exactly is Physiodermie Cleansing Balm?

Composed of Chia seed oil and Tocopherol, this make-up remover has a unique, even magical texture! the Physiodermie Milk-Balm works in two stages. First, it looks like a gel, then on contact with the skin, it will turn into an incredibly soft and silky oil. The latter will make it possible to encapsulate make-up residues (even waterproof) and impurities. Then, in contact with water, this oil will emulsify and become a cleansing milk. This last texture allows deep cleansing without attacking the skin. Based on double cleansing, this make-up remover allows you to carry out two cleansings in one, and leave the skin perfectly clean, supple and soft, ready to receive the following treatments.

Shot C15, a vitamin C concentrate

Unlike other vitamin C serums, the Shot C15 Physiodermie is formulated with L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the purest form of vitamin C available. Thus, this organic serum will help illuminate the complexion, firm the skin, protect cells from free radicals, reduce pigment spots and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. To obtain truly visible results and stabilize this active ingredient, Physiodermie has packaged Vitamin C in a powder stick to be poured when opening the bottle. Beyond the scientific interest of proceeding in this way, it makes the application of Shot C15 even more sensory and playful. To guarantee an even more effective serum, the Swiss brand has packaged its active ingredients in a black bottle, so the vitamin C is protected from light and has less risk of oxidizing.

Try to win one of the three prizes at stake! The set includes the BIO C15 shot serum and the BIO Physiodermie make-up remover balm-in-milk.

Competition open in metropolitan France from September 10, 2022 to September 24, 2022. Three winners will be drawn.

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