You will no longer throw away banana peels after discovering these 7 uses.

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In France, some 668 tonnes of bananas are consumed each year. That’s about 10 kg of bananas consumed per capita per year. Of course, before you stumbled upon this article, you might have always thrown away your banana peels. From this point on, you will think twice before throwing them away. Indeed, banana peel can be used daily, in small or large quantities, in our gardens or on our skin.

As a natural facial treatment.

Do you also eat one or two bananas a day to stay in shape? The maximum amount of recommended intake is in particular 3.5 g per day for an adult. After taking it as a dessert or snack and refueling with vitamins and minerals, use its skin as a facial treatment. You can do this once or twice a week as an exfoliant. No need to add other ingredients. Just rub the banana peel on your cleansed face. This natural and homemade face care restores radiance to your skin by nourishing it healthily. It is an excellent concealer to apply under the eyes.

As a polish for green plants.

Have you finished your homemade facial and still have a few banana peels left? You can use them to give your plants a makeover. Dusting indoor plants and removing dead leaves can become a weekly chore. Kill two birds with one stone. Use the fleshy side of your banana peel to remove dust and add shine to the leaves.

Don’t discard the spent skin yet, as it can be used to feed the plant. Macerate it in water for a few days. Add more water when it’s time to water your plants for the boosting effect of phosphorus and potassium to work as a fertilizer.

Like compost obviously.

City life often leads us to forget about recycling our waste. You may have known that the skin of this fruit with multiple virtues could be used as compost. However, with all your daily occupations, the idea of ​​composting it no longer crossed your mind. Our goal is to remind you that banana peels are an excellent source of potassium and phosphorus. Therefore, the effects on our plants are very beneficial. They promote foot growth. To work on balance, add brown materials such as leaves or twigs.

As a pest repellent.

When aphids fly around the vegetable garden, it is necessary to keep them away so that they do not attack your plants. Cut the banana peels into pieces and place them everywhere. The decomposition of the peels acts as a repellent for insect pests. However, this trick should be taken with caution. Too much can attract rodents and wasps.

Some pieces may be buried in the ground around the feet, without touching them. They favor the growth of roots and will help future vegetables, roses and tomatoes to fight effectively against the unexpected.

As food for animals.

If you have ruminant animals, pet rodents or chickens, they will feast on it. Add them to your pets’ food. You can also dry them, then grind them and sprinkle them in. Dry or wet banana peel can provide them with many nutrients.

As an ointment against irritations.

During the summer, we like to lounge in the evening enjoying the coolness of our house extensions. However, insects also seem to appreciate this moment and disturb our moments of rest. If they are there, the banana peel can be used as a natural ointment to soothe the itching caused by insect bites. These virtues come from the acids, vitamins and minerals contained in the banana peel. Also apply this trick against small transient skin irritations.

As homemade wax.

Do not throw your banana peels in the street at the risk of causing people to slip. Instead, use them at home as wax to clean and shine your leather accessories: handbag, jacket, shoes, etc. The effect is visible from the first use. As soon as your clothes or accessories lose their shine, you know how to make them look like new again.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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