A 3D AI skin analysis system could help choose your next skincare

A 3D AI skin analysis system could help choose your next skincare

As health and wellness have come to the fore amid the pandemic, people’s perception of beauty has also evolved. According to a report by Edge on Beauty, 56% of consumers favor skincare products more today than before the pandemic. But where to start, and which products to choose? Faced with the multitude of skincare brands touting the effectiveness of their products, many consumers are skeptical about what to choose. They want skincare products that deliver the results they expect, and most importantly, they care about trust and authenticity. Consumers don’t just look at product ingredient lists – they want to know if the products they choose work for them.

EveLab Insighta provider of SaaS solutions for companies in the beauty industry, recently presented its latest innovative technology: Eve V, a 3D panoramic skin analyzer based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to advances in skin analysis developed by ERIC (Eve Research & Innovation Center, the research and innovation center of EveLab Insight), product efficacy according to scientific standards is now more accessible than ever. In just a few seconds, Eve V can visualize the deep dermal layers of the skin and generate a detailed personalized report on over 35 conditions. Compared with traditional skin analyzers on the market, Eve V can more accurately measure and quantify skin laxity, including puffiness, cheeks and jaws. It provides consumers with intuitive comparisons before and after using a product, empowering them to manage long-term skin concerns.

In addition to her achievements in technological innovation, Eve V has earned recognition from John Krutman*, expert in dermatology and environmental medicine. According to him, “ the new Eve V technology has the potential to be a game-changer in dermatology when it comes to evaluating facial skin using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies. We are very excited to be able to use Eve V in our future research projects. »

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