A facial treatment that you absolutely must include in your beauty routine! Focus on a trendy multi-faceted citrus fruit!

A facial treatment that you absolutely must include in your beauty routine!  Focus on a trendy multi-faceted citrus fruit!

The beauty routine includes regular face care starting from make-up removal and cleansing of impurities that external pollution seals on our skin. Establishing the right facial care ritual means choosing the right products. This article raises the curtain on a small yellow fruit of Asian origin, commonly known as the Japanese lemon. Focus on a multi-faceted citrus fruit!

A citrus fruit as the protagonist in facial care

face care cleanse hydrate basic care nourish protect

Being the largest human organ, the skin is the most pampered of the rest, and with good reason. Cleansing it and moisturizing it are rudimentary treatments, but nourishing and protecting it without missteps are the essentials of traditional facial care. Given the high content of vitamin C, citrus fruits accompany our daily life starting with breakfast and including best food sources to boost the immune system.

face care natural means cosmetics industry fight skin aging

While top chefs are snapping up recipes with the acid taste of yuzu, the cosmetics industry is highlighting the properties of the small citrus fruit and ranks it among the natural means against skin aging.

What is yuzu and why is it in the spotlight?

yuzu face care combination lemon wild mandarin grapefruit

A beauty ingredient to try absolutely because it is part of the beauty routine of Asian women.

Somewhere we read that yuzu is a combination of lemon and wild mandarin. In another publication we find that it is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of lemon and grapefruit. Whatever its origin, this citrus fruit has a rejuvenating superpower that has already made its beauty mark in Asia and is rushing to conquer the beautistas of the West.

face care cleanses skin tightens pores protects free radicals

The number one enemy of black spots, lemon, stands against an equally astringent rival that cleanses the skin, tightens pores and protects against free radicals. The texture of yuzu makes it acclaimed as an ingredient in a purifying face care, ruthless against pimples and excess sebum.

What benefits are attributed to yuzu facial treatment?

how to take care of your face add yuzu routine beauty benefits

Why add Yuzu to your beauty routine?

First, its anti-aging properties are notorious. It stimulates collagen production and helps inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end products. This is what makes it an effective natural anti-aging ingredient. By doing so, Yuzu can firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by improving elasticity. Just like lemon which is an effective agent in homemade anti-aging creams, the small yellow citrus can become your ally against dehydration of the skin.

how to take care of your face yuzu hydrates skin without weighing it down restores skin barrier moisture balance

Second, glowing, healthy skin starts with hydration to keep it balanced and reduce skin issues like tightness, irritation, and breakouts. Yuzu moisturizes the skin without weighing it down and restores the skin barrier and moisture balance.

how to take care of your face flesh skin yuzu contain high concentration vitamin c

Terzo, like many citrus fruits, the flesh and skin of Yuzu contain a high concentration of vitamin C, which makes it a powerful antioxidant. It actually contains 3 times more vitamin C than a lemon! The antioxidants in Yuzu neutralize the production of free radicals and prevent further damage to your skin. With Yuzu you are protected from harsh environmental factors like UV rays and pollution. As a result, your skin will appear brighter, younger and smoother.

women's facial care spreads powerful fragrance soothes invigorates result total relaxation

Skin benefits aside, yuzu imparts a powerful scent that soothes and invigorates resulting in total relaxation. Decrease stress and anxiety, lower heart rate in just 10 minutes, and all without resorting to medication. Citrus also promotes blood circulation, soothes pain and alleviates negative emotional stress.

Which skincare products with yuzu to use?

citrus superpower facials include daily facial routine

If you believe in the super power of citrus, include it in your daily routine.

The first product to be tested this summer is sunscreen with yuzu which offers protection against sun damage with some aromatherapy benefits. With its citrus aroma and floral extracts, this product is perfect for diversifying your daily routine. Plus, it’s easy to wash off at the end of the day.

face care range infused products toning water whitening emulsion

Recently, a famous skin care brand launched a line of Yuzu-based products. The range includes three infused products: a toning water, an emulsion water and a 2X C cream water whitening ampule. They contain organic extract that brightens the skin from within, reducing the appearance of Brown stains as well as hyperpigmentation, while improving your overall skin tone. The products also include natural organic oils and vitamin C which help restore the skin’s oil-moisture balance. This set could honestly be the moisturizer combo of your dreams!

With all the attention on the skin, it’s easy to forget that our lips need care too! That’s why, add to the cart a Yuzu lip balm that will keep them hydrated and soft. With its subtle citrus flavor, this cosmetic product is perfect at any time of the year.

Of course, there are plenty of other yuzu-containing products that really aren’t too difficult to refresh your daily face and overall skin care routine with. All you have to do is give it a shot.

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