Ana de Armas’ beauty secrets

Ana de Armas' beauty secrets

Going from the National Theater of Cuba to Hollywood, it looks like a pitch for a bankable Netflix series. And yet, it is the strict reality on the CV of the 34-year-old actress. The secrets of such success? His ability to move, to move, to dare. Raised by her grandparents in Havana, Ana has always been confident: jumping into the unknown, going to Madrid on her own at 18, taking her first phonetic English auditions, anything is possible. On the occasion of her new role, that of global ambassador for Estée Lauder, she grants us, surrounded by her agents, 15 minutes flat, from Los Angeles. Crossing time zones, express questions, ping-pong answers. We dive.

Ana de Armas: an atypical journey

In Havana, there is no internet or DVD player, just the Sunday morning cinema, a few Hollywood movies that little Ana watches secretly at the neighbor’s, and monologues that she memorizes alone in front of her mirror. This is how she was admitted, at the age of 14, to take lessons at the National Theater of Cuba. When do dreams take shape? Probably when the desire is stronger than the reason. And it was at 18, with just enough to fill a shopping cart, that she moved to Madrid thanks to the Spanish citizenship inherited from her maternal grandparents, then went to New York. His career is stagnating? She moves to Hollywood, where she finally puts down her suitcases.

Actress and Estée Lauder Ambassador

Years later, if Ana can be dizzy, it’s by looking behind her: Blade Runner 2049, the first blockbuster in a long series, before welcoming the sesame role of a James Bond Girl in Dying can wait , or to accept a sulphurous role in Adrian Lyne’s new thriller, Deep Water. And when the Estée Lauder brand announces their partnership, it’s in the form of a teaser on Insta: she will be alongside Carolyn Murphy and Adut Akech. The class.

On the TV sets where she is invited, Ana speaks without the shadow of an accent, suggesting to those who interview her that she grew up between Central Park and Malibu. However, when she landed in the United States to live her “American dream”, she did not master a single word of English. Her first role, she gets it by repeating her text as one learns a poem – and it works. Working hard, always: she then took intensive English lessons and quickly reached a fluent level in the language of Shakespeare. To the question: “Why did you learn English so quickly?”, she replies tit for tat: “Because my life depended on it.” Starting from scratch and starting a career in Hollywood is possible for Ana.

Ana is the perfect fusion of here and there. From Cuba, her island of origin, to Spain, her first host country, then the United States – without forgetting Italy, which she carries in her heart. Millefeuille style, she collects the experiences, the charms of each country, and shares everything with a community of more than six million followers on her Insta, @ana_d_armas. Her trips to Palma de Mallorca, her training for filming, her dogs, whom she calls “my Elvis and Salsa buddies”… If Ana hides in interview, she plays cash on her networks.

Ana de Armas’ beauty routine

Once simple, always simple. When Ana constructs a role, she imagines how this new character will make up. As for her, to find herself at the end of a shoot, she likes the reset effect of bare, healthy skin, worked with the Advanced Night Repair serum, her SOS treatment that never leaves her, the one that plumps, repairs, erases fatigue and provides a perfect complexion. She’s a natural girl you can see on the beaches of LA, walking her mini-dogs, with just a good SPF on her skin and extreme black mascara, because “my eyelashes are my make-up!”.

His common sense, his smoldering gaze (his trademark), and his taste for fresh sillages charmed Estée Lauder. “When I became a spokesperson for the Beautiful Magnolia perfume, an armful of white petals, I tried it and immediately loved it. Besides, I put it at any time, on the skin, the hair, and it makes me happy, joyful. Really.”

It’s a great story that is being built, day after day, with Estée Lauder: “I’ve known the brand since I was a teenager. She made me dream, and then I discovered how it all started, with Estée who wanted every woman to feel good about herself and dared to say that the most beautiful face… is ours. I found this ultra-modern vision.” And still relevant.

Ana de Armas’ 5 favorite beauty products

Its SOS treatment: the Advanced Night Repair Serum, Estée Lauder

Her lipstick: Rouge Allure Velvet, Chanel

Her hand cream: intense hand balm, L’Occitane

Its mist: the mist Rose Instant Hydration Mist, Fresh

Her perfume : Beautiful Magnolia, Estée Lauder

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