Back to school: what skincare routine after the summer?

Back to school: what skincare routine after the summer?

IIt is therefore necessary to adopt a good care routine to prevent burns and dryness, and to prolong your tan with good vitamin D food supplements. We suggest that you take care of yourself and your skin, with this skincare routine after -revitalizing sun in 4 steps! Follow the guide, and find all your favorite skincare products on the Boticinal online drugstore. In addition, Boticinal spoils you with a great back-to-school promotion, see end of article!

First step of after-sun care: CLEANSE

Sun, salt, sea wind, chlorine, sand and other residues of astringent agents should be gently removed first. Thorough and gentle washing with a neutral pH solution followed by rinsing with clean water at room temperature is ideal. There is a wide variety of formats and types of cleansers, adapted to all the needs of the most difficult skin types (dry, combination, oily, acne-prone or even mature): oils, foaming gels, surgras soaps, powders, etc. .

Second step of after-sun care: EXFOLIATE

Between the mineral residues and the horn that forms on the surface of the epidermis to protect itself from the aggressions of summer, the skin becomes thicker and more engorged with impurities than usual. A gentle body scrub will help to dislodge dead cells and dirt, while leaving the skin silky, ready to absorb your care. In addition, exfoliating your skin after exposure to the sun allows you to obtain a more even tan, and will not disappear any faster, contrary to popular belief! A good scrub, preferably a scrub for sensitive skin, should not be painful, and it should be chosen, preferably, based on grains of sugar or salt, which will gently melt on the skin during the massage. .

Third step of after-sun care: TREAT

We often forget this step, yet necessary to prepare the skin to receive other care, including moisturizer. After washing and exfoliation, the skin should be treated in a targeted manner with one or more serums adapted to the problems of your skin. In addition, after the holidays, applying a serum can effectively rebalance the skin. Here are some tips for choosing your serums according to your skin type:

Dry and combination skin : A cocktail of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C will restore your suppleness and hydration. In addition, these active ingredients will stimulate the production of collagen and improve the structure of the skin.

Impure and oily skin : A serum based on salicylic and glycolic acid will work miracles, first to rebuild the skin, regulate sebum production, and gently eliminate bad bacteria on the surface of the epidermis. Acne and small imperfections will then be treated, as well as scars and brown spots.

Mature skin : Collagen is the key ingredient for mature skin. The goal is to improve the elasticity of the skin while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Fourth step of after-sun care: MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH

The key step to perfecting your post-holiday skincare routine, hydration, which must be done after using a serum, is essential to replenish the skin’s lipids and restore its suppleness and elasticity. It prevents the skin from drying out and peeling afterwards. Again, there are many creams suitable for each skin type. To choose it well, you should find out about the product’s comedogenic index, the presence or absence of synthetic fragrances, and its active ingredients. Generally speaking, the best creams contain ingredients of natural origin.

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