Dark circles: what are the causes of their appearance under the eyes and how to make them disappear?

Dark circles: what are the causes of their appearance under the eyes and how to make them disappear?

Ah, the famous unsightly dark circles that weigh down the eyes and give an air of Droopy… But whose fault is it? And how to make them disappear quickly? Here’s everything you need to know to wake up the look.

“Did you sleep badly?” Those surrounded have heard this phrase millions of times, unfortunately. The reason ? Dark circles that dig in and weigh down the eyes. In some, they are colored. In others, they are puffy and congested. But what is responsible for their appearance? Usually, fatigue and stress are the first culprits. But don’t put it all on them! There are different types of dark circles, each with its origin and manifestation. You will finally know why you have dark or sunken circles and, above all, whether it is possible to remedy it.

What causes dark circles to appear?

Dark circles are often hereditary. For example, sunken dark circles depend on the bone structure of your face. Already present in a physical way, they can be accentuated with other factors, such as lifestyle. Indeed, alcohol abuse and tobacco weaken the epidermis and disrupt the circulation of fluids.one of the major causes of the appearance of dark circles. The circulation of the lymphatic system is also slower. Fatigue, stress, anxiety… are also important factors. Age is one of the biggest culprits. Over the years, the skin below the eye loses collagen, which causes sagging skin and marks the very delicate contour.

Why are my dark circles blue or brown?

Namely that the epidermis is up to 4 times thinner under the eyes than on the rest of the body, which is why dark circles often appear in this area. Depending on the color of the dark circles (blue or brown) or their marking, there is a very precise explanation.

  • If your dark circles are blue: this color is due to dysfunction of the blood and lymphatic circulation, which normally drains several elements and in particular, blood pigments. Because of this problem, the blood pigments form a clump under the very thin skin around the eyes. And with age, the color is even more visible since the microcirculation of the lower eyelid is less efficient.
  • If your dark circles are brown: this is called dark circles. Generally, this tint is caused by the accumulation of melanin pigments in the superficial layers of the epidermis.. Dark-skinned people are more likely to have dark circles. It may also be a family predisposition to produce melanin in this area.
  • If my dark circles are very deep: This aspect is the result of the disappearance of fat between the thin skin around the eye and the orbital bone. As a result, the bone is visible through the skin and gives a sunken appearance. It is therefore a direct cause of skin aging. Indeed, the epidermis becomes thinner, loses plumpness and becomes hollow with age.

How to remove dark circles?

After determining the reason for the appearance of your dark circles, it’s time to take action. So how do you reduce dark circles under the eyes? The first tips are classic but important: sleep well, healthy diet, drink enough water to drain well… Then, you have to adopt the skincare routine that will take care of your eye contour. This area needs good hydration. You have to pamper your eyes with the help of a suitable treatment morning and evening. The secret ? Keep your treatment in the fridge for a cryogenic effect that will stimulate microcirculation. Don’t forget to add a good self-massage gesture when you apply your treatment to revive the tissues and decongest the area, you can exert small circular pressures starting from the outer hollow and going towards the inside of the eye before smoothing. You will tell us about it!

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