Hair: conditioner or hair mask, what are the differences between these two treatments?

Hair: conditioner or hair mask, what are the differences between these two treatments?

Our hair, we love it and we take care of it. But sometimes we are lost with all care. What is the difference between a conditioner and a hair mask? Well the answer is here.

Whether you are a fan of coloring or heating appliances, you want keep your hair healthy. However, you may accumulate a good number of products of all kinds in the bathroom, do you really know all their usefulness? After explaining the difference between a night cream and a day cream, it’s time to focus on our hair. So if shampoos no longer hold any secrets for us, what about specific treatments? Here’s what you need to know beforeuse a conditioner or mask.

Hair: when to use a conditioner?

First of all, know that “conditioner” is the English word for hair conditioner. It is therefore the product that we apply after washing your hair with a suitable shampoo to our hair type, in particular blonde hair. His role ? Detangle and deeply nourish the fiber. Like a facial treatment, the conditioner rebuilds the hair fiber, repairs brittle ends and brings softness and shine to your hair. Usually from a soft and creamy texture, the conditioner instantly improves the appearance and texture of the hair. Moreover, in applying it there is an error to really avoid. Prefer lengths and ends rather than the roots. Ideal for all hair types, it can be used, even daily, after each shampoo.

How is a hair mask different from a conditioner?

Whether the conditioner nourishes the hair, so what is a hair mask good for? They both have the same goal! With the difference that theconditioner delivers immediate resultswhile the mask acts for the long term. With a richer formula, the mask is not to be used daily but once or twice a week. In addition, it can be applied for 10 minutes on towel-dried hair, from the roots to the ends of the hair, so that the treatment penetrates well into the hair fiber. Take the opportunity to make a face mask at the same time! The mask therefore has a more intense and restorative action. compared to the conditioner. Your hair regains all its youth, its shine and above all its suppleness.

Should I use a conditioner and a mask?

By using both conditioner and mask on a regular basis, you cover all aspects of hair care, in order to obtain soft and smooth hair and to protect it from heat and sun exposure. Masks nourish and repair your hair while enhancing and restoring their natural beauty, while hair conditioners give, almost instantly, a look of soft, healthy hair. It’s the winning combo.

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