In pictures: find our selection of moisturizing masks

Sélection de masques hydratants pour le visage

During the summer period, the skin tends to dry out and weaken at the same time, thus providing an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling. But what are the causes of this imbalance of the epidermis? UV rays, sand, salt water but also the wind are harmful factors for the appearance of the skin. To remedy this, the best solution remains the moisturizing mask. With nourishing and soothing properties, it is the ideal ally for restoring luminous and soft skin. In gel or cream form, these masks are to be applied twice a week. Here is our selection.

Drunk Elephant – Thirst Quenching

Formulated with vitamin F, vegetable squalane, omega fatty acids and ceramides, this moisturizing face mask allows the epidermis to regain its balance and softness. Both refreshing and thirst-quenching, this mask should be left on all night for deep hydration.

Hydrating mask Credit: Drunk Elephant

F-Balm™ moisturizing mask. Price: €49.90.

Holidermie – Regenerating

Enriched with blue lotus extract, Calendula flowers and trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium, this mask offers the skin regenerating hydration ideal for back to school. In addition, it provides an anti-aging effect by helping to reduce fine lines and increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Face radiance mask Credit: Holidermie

Instant regeneration. Price: 70 euros.

Susanne Kaufmann – Nourishing

Ideal for dry and dull skin, this facial treatment nourishes and refreshes the epidermis. Its formula rich in hyaluronic acid, almond oil and wild pansy extract helps reduce wrinkles and provide suppleness. Result, the skin is hydrated, plumped and revitalized.

Moisturizing mask Credit: Susanne Kaufmann

Moisturizing mask. Price: 57 euros.

Compagnie de Provence – Revitalizing

This mask with moisturizing and anti-aging properties is perfect for restoring all its softness and elasticity to the skin. Designed for the night, it penetrates deep into the epidermis and thus acts on expression lines and signs of fatigue. Its formula is composed of macadamia vegetable oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, fig and rose flower extract.

Soft night moisturizing mask Credit: Compagnie de Provence

Soft night face mask. Price: 36 euros.

Origins – Bursting

Rich in vitamin C, minerals, ginseng and caffeine, this face mask provides instant hydration and gives skin a boost of radiance. Without rinsing, it can be applied instead of day cream for a glowing effect all day, or as a night cream.

Ginzing radiance mask Credit: Origins

GinZing radiance mask. Price: 36 euros.

Snow – Soothing

This face mask is to be left on all night for a deep moisturizing and soothing action. Its formula based on a complex derived from probiotics and squalane allows the skin to be hydrated, protected and boosted. Ideal to have a unified and luminous complexion.

Water sleeping mask Credit: La Neige

Water sleeping mask. Price: €29.90.

Seasonly – Booster

Enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, this moisturizing face mask can be applied in two ways: as a thin layer to leave on all night or as a thick layer for an instant boost action. As a result, the skin is hydrated, plumped up, comfortable and more supple.

Rehydrating mask Credit: Seasonly

Rehydrating mask. Price: 28 euros.

Fresh – Toning

In the form of a gel, this mask rich in hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, cucumber extract and rose water allows the skin of the face to be hydrated, toned and plumped up. Infused with real rose petals, it melts on contact with the skin and provides an almost immediate refreshing effect.

Rose mask Credit: Fresh

Pink Face Mask. Price: 27 euros.

Oh My Cream Skincare – Refreshing

This moisturizing mask for the face comes in the form of a balm to apply for the night. Formulated with silk tree extracts, a complex of vegetable oils, vitamin C, acai oil and boswellic acid, it allows the skin to be hydrated and plumped up. As a result, the complexion regains radiance and freshness.

Night balm Credit: Oh My Cream Skincare

Revitalizing night balm. Price: 42 euros.

Pai – Plumping

Easy to apply thanks to its gel texture, this face mask brings hydration and elasticity to the skin. Rich in blue tansy and Myrothammus extract, it is ideal for dry skin prone to skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, or even rosacea. Most ? Its amazing and original blue color.

Moisturizing mask Credit: Pai

Resurrection Girl (hydrating mask). Price: €48.90.

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