Lidl releases after-sun hair care for less than €2 that promises miracles

Lidl releases after-sun hair care for less than €2 that promises miracles

We can never repeat it enough! The UV rays diffused by the sun can have harmful effects on our skin. And for good reason, they are responsible for many skin problems. While UVC is stopped by the ozone layer, it is essential to protect yourself from the rays UVA and UVB. UVB are the ones that cause sunburn. Finally, UVA rays cause spots to appear, premature aging of the skin, DNA lesions and skin cancers.

We talk a lot about the effects of the sun on our skin. However, it also attacks our hair. And if the damage is not necessarily so serious, it is just as preferable to avoid it. UV rays change the hair pH and dries it up. This explains why after the summer the lengths are dry, brittle and weakened. To repair our hair damaged by the sun, there are now plenty of solutions.

The importance of protecting your hair from the sun

Indeed, several brands offer sun protection sprays for our hair. An essential treatment to integrate at all costs into your tanning routine. Just like sunscreen for the face and for the body, it is essential to apply a protective care before exposing yourself to the sun. We recommend in particular the SPF30 sunscreen for hair and scalp from Coola, the milky hair oil from Nuxe which protects against the sun but also from salt and chlorine, and finally the Huile Sirene for exposed hair from Kérastase.

Despite these sunscreens, the hair needs comfort after a day in the sun. And it is THIS product that we should all have in our homes. We are talking about the after-sun shampoo. As after-sun milk soothes and moisturizes the skin following exposure, add a shampoo specially designed to fight against sunburn to your summer routine. sun damage is a great idea! And even more when it comes to a treatment offered by Lidl that does not cost no more than 2 euros.

An after-sun shampoo at 1.79 euros

Decidedly, the German giant never ceases to surprise us. After the success of its Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot or its famous giant cactus, now lidl returns with a novelty that promises to make noise. For this summer, the supermarket chain is offering a whole after sun range. To be used, as its name suggests, after exposure to the sun, it focuses on the beauty of our hair and includes 4 different treatments. Namely a Beach Waves spray which creates ripples like a “back from the beach”, an after-sun hair care, a sun protection spray and an after-sun shampoo.

the after sun shampoo promises a 2-in-1 action that gently cleanses the hair, while facilitating its detangling. Specially formulated to remove sand, salt, seawater and chlorine residue from the hair fiber, this Lidl after-sun hair care is a beauty must for the summer if you want beautiful shiny, soft and healthy hair. With it, no more straw hair when you return from vacation! Rather promising, especially at the price of 1.79 euros. There is no doubt that this product will quickly sell out at Lidl!

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