New products, tips… A Dessange expert answers our questions for healthy hair

New products, tips… A Dessange expert answers our questions for healthy hair

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Dessange is releasing a new range of products, as close as possible to nature, for the greatest pleasure of our hair.

Having shiny hair that exudes health is what everyone is looking for. Each hair has its characteristics: greasy, dry, fine, dull, colored… There are suitable shampoos and treatments for each of them, but it must be said that it is not always easy to find your way around among the quantity of products on offer, especially in summer. In fact, more than in any other season, the sun tends to dry out our hair, forcing us to take extra care.

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To help us see more clearly, we interviewed Julie Lopez, expert at Dessange, a brand renowned for excelling in hair care. The latter gave us the best advice to take care of our hair on a daily basis and avoid missteps once and for all. We also tested the products from the brand’s new hyper-complete range, PHYTODESS. Have we finally found the products that match each hair type? Answer in this article!

The expert’s answer

What are the products and reflexes to apply to our hair before going out in the sun?

“As with the skin, it is important to nourish and protect the hair from the drying effects of the sun, seawater and chlorine. For this, I recommend applying the Phytodess protective oil or veil before sun exposure, as they contain a protective sunscreen. »

Is it advisable when we are at sea to wash our hair every day?

“There is no contraindication to washing your hair every day when you are at sea, as long as you use a suitable product. Phytodess Symbio sun shampoo washes sensitized hair by exposure and eliminates all traces of salt, chlorine and sunscreen products while preserving the hair fiber and the brilliance of the color. Hair stays soft and shiny. »

What care can be applied after swimming?

“The Symbio sun nutrition and radiance mask from Phytodess, ideal for restoring the original beauty of hair weakened by exposure! It moisturizes, nourishes and restores strength and softness to the fiber. The hair is shiny and silky, its color is preserved. »


Do we have to cut our hair when the ends are damaged?

“It is advisable to cut the ends regularly but it is essential to use the Cream with honey and immortelle from Phytodess once a month. This treatment acts as a real hair cement and therefore helps to repair weakened ends. »

What shampoos should be avoided when we have colored or highlighted hair?

“There is no shampoo to avoid but rather shampoos to adapt according to your needs. »

What do you think is the basic routine to follow for healthy hair?

“The PHYTODESS routine is perfect! It’s four products to have in your bathroom: a precious earth to take care of your scalp, a shampoo, a care for lengths and ends and a precious cream.

Once a week, use the precious earth and precious cream duo. While youEvery two or three days, apply a shampoo adapted to your hair and scalp, then a treatment on the lengths and ends, which you leave on before rinsing. »

The PHYTODESS range: Our opinion

As the Dessange expert revealed to us, the brand has just released a new range of products: Phytodess. Inspired by skin care, the products in this range consist of deep care for the scalp. Because after all, there is no beautiful hair without a balanced scalp. And to get a little closer to its convictions and in a spirit of eco-responsibility, Phytodess products are made up of more than 80% ingredients of natural origin and all silicone-free. A return to basics that allows our hair to absorb the pure benefits that nature offers us.

We had the chance to test the moisturizing edelweiss shampoos, the sandalwood shampoo for flat and fine hair or the baobab shampoo to boost the vitality of mature hair.

Finally, we tested the mask with Marula oil for thick or colored hair, the one with hibiscus to give volume and the one with tiger nut oil to nourish unruly hair.


In general, we were seduced by the texture of all the products: melting and not weighing down the hair. I followed the recommended indications for use and realized that it is not necessary to use too much product with each use to be able to benefit from the effects, therefore a saving. Indeed, after the first wash, I personally already noticed a difference. My very fine hair instantly felt thicker, held better and looked shiny. In addition, the very pleasant smell of the products perfumes the hair throughout the day and not just a few hours after washing.

The range is really very complete, in total it includes nearly 40 different products: serum, shampoo, mask, cream… All types of hair will therefore find what they are looking for. Phytodess products can be found in all Dessange salons or on the brand’s website. Prices vary between 25 euros and 52 euros depending on the product and format.

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