Summer: 3 essential products to take care of your skin

Eté : 3 produits indispensables pour prendre soin de sa peau

To take care of your skin in summer, two actions are essential: protect it and moisturize it! To do so, without harming the environment, we trust the brand with our eyes closed. Lucim of the NewAge group; leader in network marketing, which produces and markets, throughout the world, products in three main categories, namely health and well-being, beauty, as well as nutrition.

1. I protect my skin.

While it is essential to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays all year round, it is of course also essential to do so in summer when the sun is more present and more dangerous for our skin. To prevent and slow down the visible signs of damage caused by the sun, it is therefore essential to include sunscreen in your beauty routine, which you apply every day, that is to say during the sunny months of summer. summer, but also the rest of the year. Lucim™ Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is formulated with a blend of nourishing minerals and grape, avocado, macadamia and sesame oils. This cream with natural ingredients is therefore safe for the skin, but also for the reefs which suffer heavily from the 28 million liters of sunscreen, with highly toxic compounds, discharged into the oceans each year. Most ? Its small size allows you to always have it on you so you can rely on it regularly!

2. I feed her antioxidants.

Although UV rays have many benefits for the skin and health, repeated and prolonged exposure can be harmful and even dangerous. Reduction of collagen and elastin, premature appearance of sun spots and wrinkles, not to mention skin cancer… the consequences on the skin and face (and on health) can be quickly visible. Antioxidants, the most powerful of which is Vitamin C, are excellent allies for protecting your skin and helping it maintain a youthful appearance. Lucim™ Total Face Serum is a super concentrate that deeply hydrates the skin from within. This serum, composed of active ingredients that are the subject of 9 patents, also contains Kakadu plum, the most concentrated source of vitamin C in the world! A must, which will have a place of choice on the shelves of your bathroom!

3. I hydrate my skin.

Who says heat, says perspiration and therefore dehydration. Dried, the skin is less resistant to external aggressions such as pollution. It is therefore essential to compensate for these effects by moisturizing your skin day and night with specific creams. Among the 12 products in the Lucim range, Lucim™ Defense Day Cream and Lucim™ Renovating Night Cream allow targeted hydration of the different layers of the skin thanks to water from the glaciers of the Swiss Alps encapsulated in liposomes. These creams also contain Citystem™ (Marrubium vulgare extract), an award-winning, patented anti-pollution product, which defends and detoxifies cells from pollutants, leaving skin soft and smooth while making blackheads less visible.

4. I take advantage of my good looks!

The little extra to keep a healthy glow while remaining natural? Hydrate your eyelashes with the Lucim+™ Eyelash Volumizing Serum. Specially formulated to support lash health, this serum with castor oil, biotin and fortifying peptides makes them stronger, thicker and fuller, with results that can be seen in just 4 weeks! Another charming asset of your face: your mouth! If we often think about moisturizing our skin, we tend to neglect our lips. Thanks to the Lucim+™ Lip Plumping Gloss, they will be plumped up instantly! A lasting visible boost that will enhance your smile!

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