The best after-sun care of 2022

The best after-sun care of 2022

From head to toe, we adopt a routine of transition between the sweetness of life at the edge of a body of water under a blazing sun and the return to the office in back-to-school mode and good beauty resolutions. The hair needs to be rehydrated, the feet need a balm and a lot of tenderness, the face needs to recover from its UV irradiation, even if, we are sure, you have conscientiously protected it. Our selection to repair the skin after the summer.


A concentrated shampoo (very economical!) that rids the hair of residues of salt, sand, etc., while providing suppleness and shine. Perfect both on vacation and on the way back to restore the water balance.

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Nourishing after sun shampoo, Rausch, approx. 15 fr. the 200 ml.

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A 100% plant-based after-sun milk that activates the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. With sweet almond oil, quince seeds, shea, anthyllide, calendula and carrot oil to prolong the tan. Bonus: the smell of rose wax (for who loves it).

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After Sun, soothing after-sun lotion, Dr. Hauschka, approx. 29 fr. the 150 ml.

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Nothing beats thermal water to soothe skin heated by UV rays. Bariésun balm is used on the face and body and forms a film (of paraffin) on the skin to retain hydration. Sweet aquatic fragrance.

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Bariésa repairing balm, Uriage, approx. 14 fr. the 150 ml.

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This is a part of the body that requires special care in summer. And everyday, that’s the secret to soft feet. Melvita’s organic cream convinces with its non-greasy finish and fresh minty effect. With macadamia oil, lavender floral water, rosemary and beeswax.

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Extra-gentle foot cream, Melvita, 25 fr. the 150 ml.

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A lotion that pampers the senses, with shea butter for comfort, aloe vera to soothe, a touch of menthol for the cooling effect, and white tea and ginkgo biloba to help the skin regenerate. A name that invites you to sow good to reap happiness!

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The Ritual of Karma After Sun Moisturizing Lotion, Rituals, 21 fr. the 200 ml.

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The 2, or even 3-in-1 product, to take on holiday by the sea, which can be used as a shampoo but also as a shower gel. It eliminates sand, chlorine, etc., while rehydrating the skin and hair thanks to the extract of bamboo pith and calendula. For all hair types and for the whole family.

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Phytoplage Rehydrating Shampoo, approx. 19 fr. the 200 ml.

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An ancestral remedy against inflammation, Roman chamomile is the friend of sensitive skin. It combines in this soothing cream with wild rose oil, rich in provitamin A and omega 3, 6 and 9.

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The Anthemist, moisturizer, Pay, 55 fr. 90 for 50ml.

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A safe bet, the Moroccanoil Hydration shampoo and conditioner duo whose key ingredient is argan oil, but also vitamin E and red algae.

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Hydration, shampoo, Moroccanoil, approx. 38 fr. the 250 ml.

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